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Sofa chair purchase tips

hya hya.com 2018-12-13 15:14:06

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Single sofas are also known as sofa chairs, and some people feel that they do not have to buy, but the sofa chair is a must-have for the home. The right sofa chair will make your family feel comfortable, recreational and loosen. Today, let me talk about the purchase tips of the sofa chair.

First: First of all, consider sitting, sit feeling comfortable can make a person loosen, without constraint feeling, this is domestic member is recreational an important life index.

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Second: in the fabric selection, if there is a pattern on the fabric, generally the pattern should be kept intact, and the left and right symmetry, up and down coordination, the line seams should be aligned, the bend should be smooth transition, the color should be basically consistent, no obvious color difference . There should be no smudges and scratches and other scars. If the fabric is made of genuine leather or artificial leather, pay attention to whether there are blade scars and puncture marks on the surface, and there is no artificial crease left in the manufacturing process. When you touch the pressure by hand, you should feel soft and smooth. When using a dry cloth or a damp cloth, there should be no color loss. The seat surface and the backrest surface are pressed downwards and backwards by hand. After the hands are raised, the masked surface should be able to spring up and recover; when the hands are squeezed in the middle, there should be no obvious twists and turns.

Third: In the frame selection, the all-inclusive sofa chair checks the frame quality, be sure to ask the sales or production staff to open the back mask to view the inside. The main frame should be 卯榫, and wood screws can be used elsewhere. The inner frame is made up of nails and the sofa is not suitable for purchase. Otherwise, even if the wood frame is not bad at the moment, the frame will definitely be loose after use. The frame wood should be solid wood. Too soft wood, such as pine, poplar, eucalyptus, etc., should not be used as a sofa chair frame; wood with cracks, worms, decay, and more than one-third of the knots can not be used. There should be no breaks, missing materials and looseness at the joint. After internal inspection, it is necessary to check from the outside. The single leg is pressed against the seat surface, and then the backrest is twisted with both hands. If the feeling is not loose, there is no sound of squeaking, which proves that the quality of the sofa chair is relatively good.

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Fourth: style matching, the color and style of the sofa chair should be consistent with the overall living room environment. If it is a modern style decoration, you can choose a simple European style modern sofa chair; if it is a Chinese style, it can be equipped with wooden handrails. Japanese-style, Chinese-style sofa with backrest; if it is a traditional European style, it can be equipped with American and European traditional sofas.