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From the perspective of the parents: What kind of mattress should the child fit in the school-days?

hya hya.com 2018-12-14 15:23:32

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In the student era, the children are hardworking and eager to learn, the mental work is relatively large, and they have to receive a lot of knowledge every day, and there are many homework. So at night, a good quality sleep is very necessary for them, not only can promote the growth and development of children, but also release the fatigue of the day, replenish energy, and make learning more efficient.

Sleep is especially important for a student who is in the physical growth phase, and mattresses are an important factor that directly affects sleep quality. So in order to ensure a good sleep, what problems should parents pay attention to when choosing a student mattress for their children?

1, the mattress must have good air permeability
After all, the glue-bonded mat is made up of plant fibers. It is easy to get wet and worms over time. It is easy to induce skin diseases in children. The main purpose of mattress ventilation is to prevent aphids from reducing bacterial growth and moisture, which is especially important for students with sensitive skin. The mattress without glue and high temperature is not suitable for locust life, and it is not easy to get wet, natural and environmentally friendly, and comfortable for skin.

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2, the hardness of the mattress is moderate
If it is too hard, it may cause bone damage. If it is too soft, it may cause bone deformation and even cause hunchback. The hardness of the student's mattress is preferably moderately soft and hard, because the student is in the skeletal development period, and the mattress is too soft or too hard, which is not conducive to the growth of the student's bones. Coir mattresses are more suitable for students than latex mattresses, but when choosing coir mattresses, choose eco-friendly coir, do not choose glued glue. Gold Coast mattress coir mattress is made by high temperature de-sugar hot pressing, no glue and no smell, it is undoubtedly the best choice for children.

3, the upper layer of the mattress should contain health cotton (Home textile fabrics manufacturer
Needless to say, the characteristics of the health-care cotton are soft and close to the body. It is used as a filling layer of the mattress. It is located on the upper side of the coconut palm layer. It allows the child to enjoy the smooth and comfortable mattress while feeling the perfect elasticity of the mattress. Conducive to relaxing stress and relieving fatigue. In addition, the health cotton is made of hot air penetration technology, 100% no glue, no methanol, can better absorb moisture and breathe, but also play a role in protecting the lumbar spine!

As a flower of the country, children are the hope of the future development of our country and the pride of our parents. Therefore, on the way to the child's growth, as a parent, we must escort, provide a better material guarantee for the children, and give the children a better sleeping environment.