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What are the common features of mattresses that can help sleep?

hya hya.com 2018-12-11 16:57:23

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A good mattress has a promoting effect on people's sleep, so that a person can get enough energy during the day through a good night's sleep. What are the common characteristics of a good mattress?

One of the characteristics: soft touch, no smell
A soft, warm bed is always easy to get into sleep, which is due to the fact that people have a certain sense of security for soft and gentle things. The mattress that helps sleep uses a skin-friendly material, and when you lie down, you will feel surrounded by softness, which is different from the hardness of a hard bed. Mattresses that help sleep will not cause greater odor due to quality, process and other issues, affecting sleep. The odor of the mattress is more produced on fabrics and fillers with poor materials, as well as the use of processes such as adhesives, and close contact with people. When sleeping, it will feel a steady stream of odors stimulating the olfactory organs, affecting Sleep.

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Feature 2: No noise interference sleep
There will be a sound when stretching the body, or turning over. People who are sensitive to sound can hear these subtle sounds when they turn over at night, and they may be stimulated and suddenly wake up. Long-term, lack of sleep, leading to a bad mental state during the day, resulting in a state of neurasthenia. Noise is a problem with many mattresses, and its source is mainly the spring friction between the inside of the mattress.

The independent pocket springs are arranged by a ground spring, and each spring is wrapped with a non-woven fabric so that the springs do not interfere with each other during operation, and the direct friction of the springs is prevented from causing too much noise. Mattresses that help sleep will weaken this noise from the design, such as the stand-alone pocket spring mattresses that are now popular on the market. In addition, the mattress is also equipped with a variety of fillers such as sound insulation cotton or latex mattress, which can effectively eliminate noise. (Waterproof  membrane manufacturer china)

The third feature: meet the needs of human sleep
Such people with different weights, forms, and sleeping postures must feel comfortable in bed, not soft or hard. It will not let every part fall, nor will it be too hard to cause pressure to cause poor blood flow. The mattress design that helps sleep will start according to the needs of the human body. With the concept of ergonomics, the mattress is divided into head, shoulder, waist, hip and leg areas for different treatments, so that people can quickly turn over. The stickers and the human body achieve effective support.