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The use and maintenance of pure cotton sanding bedding!

hya hya.com 2018-12-10 10:52:02

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Do you know the correct way to use the sanding kit? The maintenance of the sanding bedding only needs to remember "four to two".

Four maintenance methods
1. Keep it clean
Bedding in winter is not always cleaned. In this case, you should always pay attention to keep it clean, pay attention to removing cockroaches, it is best to go to bed after washing every day, try not to bring pets and food to the bed.

2. Keep it dry
Moisture is very damaging to the grounded bed, so staying dry is an important part of ensuring longevity and comfort. When you are not sleeping, open the window as soon as possible to keep the bedroom dry at all times.

3. To be gentle on the reverse side
The brushed bed must be gently washed on the reverse side when washing. Because the cotton fabric is treated by sanding, the surface of the short pile will fall off due to washing. If it is not washed on the reverse side, it will be spherical or blocky after drying.

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4. To be used in a balanced manner
Each person's sleeping position is relatively fixed, and it is prone to partial wrinkles or fading of the bedding. It is recommended to change the direction of the quilt or sheets frequently, and adjust them once every 1 month. The same material on both sides can be used in reverse to make the bedding balanced.

Two taboos
1. Do not expose to the sun
Do not expose the cleaned bedding products. Because exposure to the sun or drying for too long is easy to deform the fiber, it will also cause the fluff to fall off, so just put it in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning. (Bedding sheet fabrics wholesales)

2. Don't mix with the quilt
It is best to take out the filling when the sanding is drying, so that the drying effect will be better. If you are still worried about overheating and causing damage, you can put a layer of gauze or thin cloth on the sanding.