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How important is a good mattress?

hya hya.com 2018-12-07 09:53:17

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According to relevant research, long-term use of poor performance mattresses can cause the human body to fall into a wrong posture, resulting in displacement of the human vertebrae, which stimulates the nerves inside the vertebrae, causing the corresponding control organs to gradually lose good function. This shows how important a good mattress is!

A good mattress should be designed according to the weight distribution of the human body and the normal curve of the spine. However, the soft mattress will make the sleeping position of the human body. Attached, the spine is not stretched; the too hard mattress causes compression on the heavier parts of the human body, resulting in an increase in the number of turns during sleep and insufficient rest.

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The spring mattress can self-adjust the support according to the human body pressure, so as to perfectly fit the spine curve, and the airway in the middle of the spring greatly enhances the breathability and moisture wicking of the mattress. Can better support the body, improve sleep, improve the quality of sleep, relieve spinal pressure.

However, a good mattress is just enough to fit the body curve, support the spine and relieve fatigue. If you want to ensure a long-lasting comfortable sleeping environment, the soft power of anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-allergic mattresses is also essential.

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