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folding bed development

hya hya.com 2018-06-15 10:24:39

The advent of folding beds has brought convenience to people and even someone has applied for a patent. An adjustable folding bed chair consists of a bed frame, a movable seat, a foldable foot plate, a bed frame leg and a front bed frame

It is composed of a back bed and a back bed. The feature is that the above pieces can be combined to form a bed and a seat with a table top. The utility model has the characteristics of great humanization, and the use function greatly exceeds the current elevated hospital bed, the hospital bed has a small backrest lift angle, can only lie down, the dining table needs to be placed on a small table, and the cost is high. . The utility model fully overcomes the above drawbacks and can lie down or sit up, and has an independent table top for the patient to use. The backrest of the chair can adjust the angle of the backrest to fold the bed into a flat plate, which is very convenient for storage and handling.

From the material point of view, folding bed types include bamboo, wood, metal, Oxford cloth, and Teslin.
Older foldable beds with bamboo, wood, metal, and other materials are mostly folded. There are six footbeds that fold up to form a plane with the bed. Its characteristics are hard, heavy and bulky. Therefore, it is mainly home-based use. Every place has production and sales.

In addition, the folding of Oxford cloth and Tessling is made of soft Oxford cloth and Tessling cloth. The main structure is round steel pipe, which is similar to the joint principle to form a "skeleton". The folding method is more flexible and can be folded into chaise longues. . Its characteristics are: soft, light weight, small size. Widely used in home, office, lunch break, leisure and so on. Because of its flexible, lightweight, inexpensive features and the versatility of its use, this type of folding bed is also known as: folding lounge chairs, folding chairs, lunch break chairs, siesta chairs, siesta beds, siesta bed camping beds, and the like. The people's understanding of different places is not the same.

In addition, along with the economic development and the improvement of the manufacturing technology level, extended products based on the development of folding beds have appeared one after another. Such as: 30 percent folding bed, sofa folding bed, inflatable folding bed( Bedding sheet fabrics wholesales ).