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Will the newly-purchased sofa smell carcinogenic?

hya hya.com 2018-06-01 14:03:30
Will the newly-purchased sofa smell carcinogenic? 

The average family home will be equipped with furniture, every day back home, comfortable will sit there, especially when watching TV, lying there called a cozy, then if this sofa if smell, you sit above will not cause cancer What if the sofa smells?

Is the sofa tasteful?
1, excessive formaldehyde
Main source: Internal sponge
In newly-purchased sofas, internal sponges and other fillings contain relatively more formaldehyde, and prolonged inhalation may cause dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, mainly due to large skin irritation of the nasal mucosa, which may cause nasopharyngeal cancer.

2, benzene
Main source: Internal sponge
Sponge is mainly made of chemical raw materials, benzene is mainly derived from the sofa's internal filler sponge, etc. Benzene is currently one of the internationally recognized high carcinogens and may also affect the central nervous system, causing anemia, leukemia and so on.

3, Tris (Tris)
Main source: Chlorine-containing flame retardants in fillers
This chlorine-containing carcinogenic flame retardant is a potential threat and has relatively low toxicity. However, it does contain carcinogenic substances that can irritate the skin. It is usually not possible to touch the skin, and 40% of sofa-filled species on the market contain this substance.

4. PentaBDEs
Primary source: bromine-containing flame retardants in the fill
Some sofa fillers contain brominated flame retardants. Current studies have shown that with the extension of time, substances in brominated flame retardants can accumulate in the body, which can damage the body's endocrine and impede brain development leading to low IQ. .

5, can decompose aromatic amines
Main source: Dye in sofa bedding
There is a decomposable aromatic amine in the dyestuff of the sofa. This is a substance that is higher than formaldehyde in its carcinogenicity. The terrible thing is that the substance is colorless and odorless. We usually have difficulty distinguishing and it is difficult to eliminate this poison easily. substance.
Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the carcinogens on the sofa are mostly on the top of the filling sponge. If it is simply from the perspective of environmental protection, solid wood sofa furniture is the most environmentally friendly.

What to do if the sofa smells 

1. Rub the sofa with toothpaste or lemonade first. After wiping dry, rub evenly on sofa surface with sofa cream.

2, the usual care is also very simple, is to sweep with a feather duster, then wipe with a wet towel.

3, put a few peeled pineapple or apple on the bed after a period of time can absorb the taste of leather sofa, leaving a touch of fruity.

4, we can also put a few bamboo charcoal in the leather sofa, bamboo charcoal has a strong adsorption, deodorant function is very strong.

5, more sweating in summer, the pores of leather will absorb sweat, high temperature and humidity will cause organic reactions in the sweat and leather chemical reaction, easy to produce odor, we must always use a wrung rag wipe.

6, when rubbing the sofa, can not use alkaline cleaning solution, because the leather in the skin when the use of acidic treatment, and alkaline will make leather softness, long-term use will occur when the crack. When cleaning the sofa, use a cotton cloth or silk to wipe it gently. After wiping, you can use Bailey beads or polish wax to spray it again to keep it clean.

7. Burn more candles around the sofa to produce carbon dioxide and indoor air and accelerate oxidation.

8, there is the fumigation of the entire room with white vinegar.

9. Method of Plant Absorption and Decomposition Plants that can absorb toxic chemicals Aloe vera, spider plant, tiger-tailed orchid, one-leaf orchid, and monstera are natural scavengers that can remove harmful substances in the air.

Summary: Most of the furniture half-body has an unpleasant odor, so it is best to deodorize before use to minimize the damage to the body.

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