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China's home textile industry trends

hya hya.com 2018-05-31 11:14:25
China's home textile industry trends 

The overall size of the home textile market is relatively large, and it is expected to exceed RMB 220 billion by 2017. However, there is room for further improvement in comparison with foreign countries in terms of per capita household textile consumption and the overall proportion of textile consumption. For the branded home textile companies, after undergoing an industry downturn of nearly 5 years, a new round of growth phase is underpinned by the recovery of the macro economy, the recovery of end consumption, and the rise of the middle class: the rise of young middle class and the upgrading of the third and fourth tiers are expected to bring about The consumption habits of home textiles have been transformed to increase the frequency of replacement and demand for high-quality products. At the same time, the current demand for house relocations and weddings is expected to remain stable, while the development of hotels and long-term rental markets is expected to bring new demand.

Accelerate the improvement of the middle-to-high-end competitive landscape, and the leading advantages are gradually emerging

Although the overall market concentration of the home textile industry is less than 10%, the market share of CR5 in the mid- to high-end market is expected to reach 30-40%. In the supply-side changes brought about by the current consumption concepts and shrinking channels, the brand-scale barriers have been formed. Leading edge is highlighted. First of all, under the pressure of environmental protection, small and medium-sized textile enterprises are further cleared out, and under the background of rising raw material costs, the leading brands are expected to increase their profitability through price increase. In terms of channels, the scale advantages of brand companies under the adjustment of offline channels are even more prominent. With the development of e-commerce entering the stage of brand consumption, the improvement of the online layout of mid-to-high-end home textile companies is expected to further accelerate the increase in concentration.

International comparison: deepening the main business to increase market share, diversified layout cast a leader

From an international comparison point of view, foreign leading home textile companies are still relatively few in the pure home textile business, and are often engaged in diversified businesses such as furniture and apparel. From the perspective of foreign industry development, home textile companies with high market share do exist, but they are limited by the ceiling of the market in the host country, which limits long-term high growth. The Chinese domestic market itself is extremely large enough to support the emergence of two or three industry leaders. Secondly, the diversified layout is mainly due to the low reacquisition rate of home textile products, and the relatively low level of home furnishing and consumption processes, which results in limited drainage capacity. Therefore, large home furnishing through transformation can better satisfy consumers' one-stop home shopping needs. , While domestic listed home textile companies rely on capital and internal advantages, they have already begun to deploy.

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