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How long will it take for the bedsheets to be replaced once the end of sleep with the worms?

hya hya.com 2018-06-04 13:53:25
How long will it take for the bedsheets to be replaced once the end of sleep with the worms?

As the temperature rises, bacteria and viruses spread wildly around people, and the dry, warm indoor environment provides a breeding ground for them. In fact, there are many hidden health problems hidden in the bedding that we are in close contact with. It is an effective way to eliminate hidden dangers. Let's take a look at how long it will be to change the bedsheets for the entire year.

Spring and Autumn Festival: two weeks

In spring, the rising trend of temperature is obvious. Many bacteria grow with temperature gradually. In autumn, when it comes to seasons from the summer, the bacteria are multiplying. Therefore, the bedsheets must be changed and washed to avoid Affects the daily physical health, so it is most appropriate to change it during the spring and autumn and two weeks.

Summer: Change once a week

In hot summer days, when bacteria grows, people will also sweat more frequently because of the hot weather, making bed sheets get dirty faster. In addition, dust in summer air is also very serious, resulting in sheets. Covers are more dirty and dirty. In the summer, it is best to change the sheet cover once a week to keep it fresh and clean every day.

Winter: Change once a month

In the cold winter, it is obvious that the frequency of bed linen replacement will also slow down, winter temperatures will be lower, and bacteria will be less likely to grow. Therefore, bed linen can be used for a longer period of time. In the dry winter, bed linen is changed for a month. The most appropriate time, of course, can also be determined according to their own preferences.

In fact, the cleaning of the quilt cover is also very convenient. Some users can wash the washing machine with a larger capacity, and some users can clean the bed cover with a modern small household appliance. When conditions permit, everyone It is also possible to kill some of the bacteria and germs that are hidden in the bedding by diligent methods such as bedding.

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