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Which is more suitable for a mountain brown mattress and a coir mattress?

hya hya.com 2018-09-28 14:09:33

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Both the mountain palm mattress and the coir mattress are brown mat mattresses. The mountain palm mattress is called a full-brown mattress. It is made of natural mountain brown silk and has three hardnesses: hard, medium and soft. The soft mountain brown mattress has good warmth and is suitable for winter use. The hard mountain brown mattress has better ventilation and better summer use. The coir mattress is made of fiber on the surface of the coconut shell. It is more breathable and has the advantage of warm winter and cool summer, but its hardness is soft, which is its biggest limitation.

Applicable people for mattresses: The mountain brown mattress is hard and suitable for adolescents, children and the elderly. It is breathable and dry. It can help the normal development of the spine and bones of children and adolescents, and can prevent osteoporosis and lumbar disc in the elderly. Highlight other diseases. Soft mountain palm mattress is suitable for young and middle-aged people, soft and comfortable, improve the quality of sleep for middle-aged people, and provide a solid sleep foundation for the work of the next day. The mountain brown mattress with moderate hardness is suitable for the crowd. It is the best choice for newlyweds. The hardness is not moderate because the hips are not too soft, and the hips and the waist are not pressed off the mattress pressure because of the hardness. Large, leading to acid and so on, a variety of hardness options are better. On the contrary, the hardness of the coir mattress is soft, and the comfort may not satisfy the fat-weight friend. It is only suitable for short stature and light weight, and has limitations for the user.

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The support of the mattress: The hardness of the mountain brown mattress is the best. It can give a good support to the friend who is overweight. The waist and neck are evenly stressed, relieve the pressure and avoid the neck and waist. Uneven stress causes the human blood to not circulate or even cause spinal diseases. The coir mattress is soft and has poor support. The hips and waist in the human body are easy to sag in the mattress, and it is in a curved posture. The long-term use of the soft mattress can easily cause the human spine to bend and deform, and support the friend with light weight. Suitable, there are also harder coconut palm mattresses, but the technology is relatively backward, most of them are made by adding excessive amounts of formaldehyde and other chemical substances. For safety reasons, it is safer to buy harder mountain brown mattresses(China Mattress components factory).

Durability of the mattress: The life of the mattress depends on the strength of the raw material of the mattress. The mountain brown mattress has undergone multiple production processes such as curling and shaping, and after tens of thousands of durability tests, it proves that the structure of the mountain brown mattress is reasonable and not easy to damage. At the same time, its rubber has a long service life, generally about 30 years, and is stored inside the mattress. It is free from moisture or strong ultraviolet radiation, and is not easy to age and extend the service life of the device. The coir mattress is easy to wet and moldy, and it has a short service life. Generally, it is about 10-15 years old, and the service life is 20 years. In contrast, the life of the mountain brown mattress is longer.