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Is it good for children to use latex mattresses?

hya hya.com 2018-09-27 10:59:41

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Benefits of children using latex mattresses

1. Children's resistance is poor. According to the statistics of children's experts, the number of colds and colds in children is 6-10 times per year. Latex mattresses have the function of inhibiting bacteria that ordinary mattresses do not have, and natural latex mattresses contain natural latex, so that mosquitoes do not dare to approach the mattress that emits latex, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites. Will not breed dust mites and cause disease. Enhancing the body resistance of young children and staying away from colds is no longer a problem. Since most children have low self-control ability, the probability of bedwetting is as high as 77%, and drooling caused by long teeth is also common. The mattress is prone to moisture and bacteria, causing the child to get sick, and the ordinary mattress is not easy to clean and is not suitable for children. However, compared with latex mattresses, cleaning is not a problem, easy to remove and wash, and the natural venting hole design of latex mattress, good ventilation effect, easy to dry, keep the mattress clean and fresh, and not easy to get sick.(Spring mattress jacquard fabric factory)

2, children are in the developmental stage, the growth of hormones secreted in the body increases, coupled with good activity during the day, high level of physical activity at night, and a variety of sleeping postures. Most cervical vertebrae problems are caused by poor sleeping posture in childhood, and it is too A soft mattress can cause the body to be deformed, bent or twisted, thereby changing the normal curvature of the human body. A stiff mattress can make the body numb, and the force is concentrated, and the body part is under greater pressure. Too soft or too hard is easy to cause the human blood to not circulate, legs and feet numb and even more dreams, causing deep sleep to be interrupted. In contrast, the natural latex mattress has moderate hardness, and the self-contained nine-zone segmented spring design is perfect for fitting the body curve. It can adapt to various sleeping postures of the body, correct bad sleeping posture, and kill children's cervical spine deformation and other problems in the cradle. . It has a separate barrel spring and turns over without noise, and the sleep quality is better.

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Disadvantages of children using latex mattresses

Compared to the benefits of latex mattresses for children, this drawback is negligible. Due to the high cost of natural latex mattresses, most of the natural latex mattresses on the market have to be studied, especially at lower prices, it is almost impossible to be authentic natural latex mattresses, or add additives such as formaldehyde, so do not blindly follow the trend. . Formaldehyde causes serious damage to children's immunity, leading to diseases and even leukemia, cancer, etc. The consequences are not acceptable to us. Even if the manufacturer repeatedly guarantees that it is a natural latex mattress, zero formaldehyde, it is recommended that friends should first put it in the ventilated place before sunbathing. It is best to put a few plants that can absorb formaldehyde or other additives in the bed. The taste is light and then used again.