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Spring mattress type

hya hya.com 2018-09-26 14:33:13

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The spring mattress has the main support for the internal spring core, and the type and arrangement of the inner mattress springs will determine the performance and comfort of the entire mattress.

(1) Linked spring mattress

The spiral iron wire is used to connect all the individual springs together to become a “community community”. Although it is slightly elastic, the spring system is not completely ergonomically designed, and the fit to the human body is not enough. Common in traditional old-fashioned spring mattresses.

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(2) bagged independent spring mattress

Each individual body spring is pressed and filled into a bag, and then connected and arranged. The utility model is characterized in that each spring body is operated individually, independently supported, and can be separately extended and contracted, and the springs are respectively assembled in a fiber bag or a cotton bag, and the spring bags between the different columns are adhered to each other by the glue. This spring mattress has strong anti-interference ability and turns to zero silence.

(3) Wire-mounted vertical spring mattress

It consists of a continuous steel line that is integrally formed from head to tail. It is characterized by adopting a whole seamless structure spring, which is properly and evenly supported along the natural curve of the human spine.(Printing mattress Stichbond factory)

(4) Honeycomb spring mattress

The honeycomb-independent tube is a type of independent tube mattress. The material and the method are the same. Generally, the independent tubes are arranged in parallel. The special type of the honeycomb-type independent tube is arranged in a staggered arrangement to reduce the gap between the springs and enhance the support and elasticity. Function, once again reduce the driving force of the mattress surface, more close to the human body curve, improve the average pressure sharing and the flexibility and elasticity of sleepiness.