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Spring mattress material

hya hya.com 2018-09-25 14:32:05

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The padding of the spring mattresses determines the comfort of the mattresses. Generally, we choose the spring mattresses and pay attention to the types of fillers inside the mattresses, as well as their respective disadvantages. Common fillers are generally latex, coconut, sponge, memory cotton and so on.

(1) latex

The characteristics of the latex material itself make the added value of the latex improved. Good elasticity of latex, soft and comfortable, good support for human spine. Good air permeability, can effectively send out the heat generated by the human body. Increase the comfort of the mattress, anti - bacterial anti - mite ability strong, to the human body comfortable and healthy sleep environment. The packing material of the spring mattress that USES latex commonly.

(2) coconut palm

Coconut mattresses are natural, environmentally friendly and hard in texture, with excellent effect on spine correction. They are applicable to a wide range of people. Coir and spring are combined to give full play to their advantages. The mattress is both soft and hard, which can provide comfortable sleep for human body and effectively fit the human spine, so as to protect the back and the spine. The drawback is that brown mattress easily deformation collapse, service life is not long.

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(3) sponge

Sponge material, through shaping, the body weight change shape that sticks to human body, compare with other mattess material character, have portable, comfortable wait for a characteristic, be widely used in mattess making. But sponge mattress is relatively soft, long-term use can cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and other diseases; Poor air permeability, unable to release in time, is not conducive to human health.

(4) memory cotton

Memory cotton mattress(Mattress fabric manufacturer China) is soft and comfortable, with no rebound force on the body, and promotes blood circulation. Secondly, it is sensitive to human body temperature, which can closely fit the physiological curve of the body, disperse the pressure of the body, reduce the number of turning over at night, prolong the time of deep sleep and improve the quality of human sleep. Disadvantages: this kind of mattress is too soft, long-term use can cause certain damage to the body.