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Mattress collapse can not be ignored

hya hya.com 2018-09-30 13:58:55

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Bedding products with the most contact with the human body are also the most frequently used and used. The longer the mattress lasts, the more the mattress wears, and the deformation and collapse of the mattress. The mattresses that are most prone to deformation and collapse in life are the following types of mattresses.

(1) Spring mattress

Nearly 90% of the households used in spring mattresses are in use, and annual spring mattress consumption and scrapping are on a yearly basis. The spring structure inside the spring mattress has the strongest supporting force and stability, but it is also the most fragile. Once it is affected by gravity for a long time, the spring resilience of the mattress spring is weakened, and the internal spring will be deformed and broken. The first place where the spring mattress collapses is the edge spring of the mattress, followed by the middle part of the mattress.

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(2) brown mattress

A brown mattress containing coir and mountain brown, of which coco is the most easily collapsed mattress. Coir is made by bonding the fibers on the coir shell with a glue. The plant fibers are short and thin. Once the brown mattress is wet or subjected to too much impact, the inside of the mattress will collapse. Happening. The situation of the mountain brown mattress is better.(Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory)

(3) Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are also deformed, affecting the comfort of the mattress, and most users are not convinced. Latex is generally used to make the filling of the comfort layer of the mattress. The latex cushion has strong resilience, good support for the human body, and protection of the spine from denaturation. However, the latex mattress is in contact with air and is easily oxidized and deformed to become brittle, which affects the comfort of use of the mattress.