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Select common mistakes in mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-10-08 17:08:17

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(1) blindly choose a hard bed, but some customers with lumbar spondylosis can buy a hard mattress, not only the lumbar spondylosis is not relieved, but the quality of sleep is also lost.

(2) It is directly lying on the mattress of the mall and it feels comfortable. However, many people do not know, to judge whether a mattress is suitable for you, at least on the top for 15 minutes, feel the support of the mattress on the human body, or whether the mattress fits the curve of the human body. If you can't reach these two points, you must think carefully.

(3) Some manufacturers claim that their mattress materials are high in technology, so anyone who sleeps can reach the highest level of sleep. This kind of statement is completely ignoring consumers, only to try it out.

(4) The more expensive the mattress, the better. Some consumers blindly think that the more expensive the mattress, the better. On the contrary, high-quality and comfortable mattresses do not have to be purchased at a high price. A good mattress should refer to several elements: support, durability, breathability, comfort, mattress fabric and harmful substances.