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Mattress collapse cannot continue to be used

hya hya.com 2018-10-09 11:53:44

China Mattress satin fabric manufacturer china

Some friends in the home of the mattress collapse deformation of the situation is reluctant to replace the mattress or repair, to retain the use of the practice is not scientific. The collapse mattress can no longer support the human body to provide comfortable sleep, on the contrary, the collapse mattress can still pose a certain threat to human health.

(1) the collapse deformation of the spring mattress is naturally caused by the excessive external force, and the internal mattress spring has been distorted or broken. The broken spring will puncture the fabric of the mattress, which to some extent poses a safety threat to people. The spring inside mattess, cannot provide proper support force to human body, cause human body rachis to be out of shape likely, the condition that occurrence lumbar acerbity backache, affect morpheus quality.

(2) the internal collapse of the brown mattress will not only affect the appearance of the mattress, but also the comfort and support of the mattress. Brown mattress collapse means that the interior of the mattress is seriously affected by damp, human body sleep for a long time is adverse to the body, the central depression of the bed surface, will also affect the quality of sleep.