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The 5 big mistakes in the use of mattresses look at your "in the move"?

hya hya.com 2018-09-19 14:28:14

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People always follow their own habits during use. Those little habits seem to have no effect on us, but for mattresses, they may affect the effect and longevity of the use, which in turn affects the quality of sleep.

First, sleep directly on the "naked" pad

Some people will sleep directly on the mattress in order to save the trouble of laying and washing sheets. As everyone knows, this will cause about 500ml of water lost every night during sleep, and about 1.5 million dandruff cells metabolized every day, which are directly absorbed by the mattress. Over time, it will penetrate into the mattress from the outside to the inside. The contaminated mattress makes it a hotbed of mites and bacteria.

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Second, Never clean the mattress

A night of "2 million mites to sleep with you" is not alarmist. After all, a mite can turn into 300 in three months. Especially do not do for a long time clean on the mattress, or have children's urine, spilled drinks, leakage of aunt's stains, so that mattresses face a large area of stains.

Third, the new mattress does not tear the packaging film when used

Newly purchased mattresses usually have a packaging film to ensure that they are not contaminated during transportation. Many consumers feel that it is a pity that the mattresses that have been bought at a large price are dirty. "The packaging film not only prevents the mites from breeding, but also prevents moisture and moisture." Actually, the mattress covers the packaging film. Not breathable, it is easier to get tidal, mildew, and even stink.

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Fourth, the mattress will not be used for a long time.

Spring mattresses have a characteristic. If you sleep on one side, the mattress is prone to unevenness. Because of the continuous force on the point of force, it is easier to lose support. If you sleep in a position for a long time, the wear of the spring and quilting layer of the force point will be more serious, which not only affects the sense of sleep, but also affects the service life.

Five, the blanket is used as a bed sheet

Take the unused sheets and blankets at home and use them directly as bed sheets. Basically, every household has done it. After all, it is convenient and saves money. In fact, this practice is not proper. One blanket and blanket are thicker than the sheets, and it is more stuffy when sleeping on the bed. Second, the sheets and blankets are used as sheets, making it easier to "pilling" or deriving fluff. "mattress.