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How to disinfect towels, towel disinfection method

hya hya.com 2018-09-20 16:15:02

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Towels are used as cleaning items in daily life. Although it is small and inconspicuous, its help to us is still irreplaceable. The air can't be seen or touched, but we know that there are a lot of dust particles, animal dander and bacteria in the air. Therefore, the towel will last for a long time, no matter how good the quality is, it will be subject to certain pollution. In order to ensure our healthy life, it is essential to disinfect the towel. Today, take everyone to see the towel disinfection method.

Tobacco disinfection

In the summer we can see women with umbrellas everywhere, because there is a very penetrating ultraviolet light in the sun. Ultraviolet rays have a good natural bactericidal effect. When the towel is exposed to sunlight for 6 hours, the disinfection effect can be achieved. Pay attention to direct exposure, not through the glass window, flip the towel when exposed, so that both sides can be exposed. Sunlight disinfection is the most environmentally friendly and simplest of all disinfection methods. And this method has been followed since ancient times, and the use of this method can often be seen in rural areas.(Mattress fabric wholesales china)

Tobacco disinfection

Although daylight disinfection is very simple, there is almost no cost, but it also depends on the weather, especially in the winter when the sun is weak. How do we disinfect the towel? This requires the second towel disinfection method we introduced. Usually we soak the towel in the water and boil it for 20-30 minutes to achieve the sterilization effect. Bacteria are active and can kill most bacteria at high temperatures. This method is also commonly used to disinfect food utensils for children, tuberculosis patients, and typhoid patients.

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Tobacco disinfecting alcohol

Alcohol can also sterilize towels, but we do not use this method because it consumes too much alcohol, the cost is too high, and the concentration of alcohol is not disinfected. In general, we still use alcohol for small-scale disinfection, such as skin, which often occurs in hospitals. Alcohol with 70% concentration has the strongest bactericidal effect, and the common 50% alcohol is used to wipe high heat.

Poor use of towels

In order to reduce the bacterial infection of towels, we should try our best to avoid improper towel usage habits in daily life. Everyone's living habits and health status are different, and many people are prone to cross infection. It is also common in life to use a multi-purpose towel. It is also unreasonable to use the same towel for washing, washing, bathing, and wiping hands. Some families do not ventilate because of structural problems in the bathroom, but bacteria and viruses can multiply in geometric numbers in wet towels.