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The purchase of curtain fabric

hya hya.com 2018-04-02 15:18:24
The purchase of curtain fabric

Stich bond nonwoven furniture fabric

A simple curtain can not only protect privacy, adjust light and indoor temperature, but also can use thick, velvet fabric curtains to absorb noise, to a certain extent, play a role in blocking noise. Do not underestimate this small curtain, but it is the finishing touch of home decoration. Or warm or romantic, or plain or sad. The winds are ups and downs, and there are thousands of styles. 

As an important part of the furniture, the curtains can be very light to change the color and style of the interior, give a new feeling to the home, and even become the art of beautifying the room and adjusting the mood. If the windows are likened to the eyes of the room, then the curtains are the soul of the windows. If a room can be made clear by the windows, a window can also be vivid due to the curtains. Why not choose a curtain that is suitable for your own home and add a good mood to your home while arranging a scenery that belongs to your own window. 

living room
The living room is the first sight behind entering the room. Can guests feel the happiness and enthusiasm of the owner when they enter the house. The furniture and accessories in the living room play a very important role, and the curtains are light and translucent. The thin fabric is good, can create a solemn and simple, generous and bright visual effects. In the winter afternoon, friends gathered in front of the window, each holding a cup of coffee, quietly sharing a little winter sunshine through the curtains... 

The study is mainly light green, light blue and other colors. The pattern is simple, elegant, fresh and easy to relax. The "bamboo curtain" and "wood blinds" made of natural bamboo are the first choice for the study. Their simple and neat shapes will refresh the mind and make people clear-headed. Return home from a busy and stressful city, soak in a cup of tea, turn on a lamp, read the story in front of the desk, and look up at the curtains to see if the world outside the curtain is full of thoughts, sometimes facing the curtains. The sky was dazed, and He Qimei was a "study leisure map". 

The bedroom is a typical private space, where all feelings and feelings are inhabited, all the joys and sorrows, the ups and downs in it stay, accumulate, and precipitate, so it is very important to create a warm and romantic feeling for the bedroom. Cyan, green, purple and other colors make the living space show the desired atmosphere. The selection of thick shading fabrics as the main ingredient, mostly yarn, curtain double, and bedding will have an unexpected effect. In addition, it can be selected depending on the shape of the window.

Children's room
The children's room says that children's world is simple and simple, because they are very easy to satisfy, and an act of adults satisfying their wishes is enough for them to experience the beauty of life. Therefore, the layout of the children's room as a whole to follow the simple word, while the curtains can be used beautiful, simple cartoon graphics roller blinds or personalized color single-color roller blinds to increase the playfulness of the room. It is worth noting that the lively nature of the children also determines the color characteristics of the children's room, that is, bright colors and contrast, especially when buying curtains, they can boldly buy curtains with various colors.

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