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Home Improvement: What types of carpet?

hya hya.com 2018-04-03 10:25:27
Home Improvement: What types of carpet?

Knitted mattress cloth factory

The carpet is divided into chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets, hemp carpets and other varieties; although the carpets have different materials and styles, they all have good sound absorption, sound insulation, and moisture proof effects. After the family of the residential building is covered with carpets, it can reduce the noise disturbance upstairs and downstairs. The carpet also has the function of cold protection and heat preservation, and it is especially suitable for use in the living room of patients with rheumatism. Wool carpet is the top grade in the carpet and is known as the "Queen of the Interior Art". 

The structure of the carpet is mainly a kind of high-grade floor decoration material that is made of animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber, etc., through a process of weaving, cutting and the like. There are two types of carpet: pure wool and chemical fiber: pure wool carpets are divided into hand-woven and woven. The former is a pure wool carpet product produced using traditional handicrafts, and the latter is a modern wool carpet product developed using machine-based production. 

Pure wool rug
Hand-woven wool carpet. The hand-woven wool carpet is made of high-quality sheep wool yarn, dyed with modern dyeing techniques, hand-knitted by knitting workers according to the design artwork, and then flattened by a dedicated machine or cut out the periphery of the concave flower. Chemically washed out mercerized. Hand-woven carpets have a long history in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, and Ningxia, and foreign countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Australia also have production. Due to the difference in carpet culture, different regional styles are formed in the pattern, color, and style of the carpet. 

Stich bond nonwoven furniture fabric

 tons of seconds of woven wool. Due to the use of machined production, woven pure wool carpets have improved ergonomics and saved manpower. Therefore, the price is lower than that of hand-woven carpets, but its performance is similar to that of hand-woven wool carpets. It is between hand-woven wool carpets and chemical fiber carpets. A medium-to-high-grade carpet used between hotels, conference rooms, banquet halls, houses, etc. 

Chemical fiber carpet
The chemical fiber carpet is processed into a surface layer fabric by chemically synthesizing it as a raw material, and it is glued together with a backing material. According to the chemical fiber used, it can be divided into polypropylene fiber carpet, acrylic fiber carpet, polyamide fiber carpet, polyester fiber carpet and so on. According to the weaving method can also be divided into tufted chemical fiber carpet, needle chemical fiber carpet, woven chemical fiber carpet and printed chemical fiber carpet.

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