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The most stylish sofa placement skills

hya hya.com 2018-04-17 10:16:14
The most stylish sofa placement skills

TVs, coffee tables and sofas are standard in a living room, but as our lifestyles and concepts change, the function of the living room changes. Mobile phones and computers occupy an absolute position, and televisions can become available. Nothing; The original living room, which mainly hosted guest and leisure functions, has gradually become an important area for some people to show their personal style.

The living room is the face of a family and is also the most central public area. If you go home from work, you like to sit on a sofa and play with your mobile phone. Traditional living room layouts are easy to decorate, especially for young people who can only afford small size, there is no need to “get in case guests come.” If you want to watch TV, you can use a few square meters.

Understand your own real functional needs, and define the living room in a way that suits your lifestyle. You may discover that – abandoning the traditional idea of ​​imprisonment and boldly planning your living room with your own ideas, the entire home will become vivid stand up. There are many rich and varied options for creating your own living room. Take a chestnut: a display wall that shows and cultivates.

No matter how the trend evolves, the sofa is still the most eye-catching large furniture in the living room. How to adjust the angle of the sofa in order to facilitate communication and enhance feelings, we can attribute it to the three most common layout forms:

Parallel layout

Cotton felt pad for sofa

This layout method is very suitable for stylish small households, giving people an orderly sense. Most of the young people nowadays are obsessed with mobile phones and are not familiar with communication. The parallel layout is not only conducive to maintaining face-to-face communication and communication with family and friends, but also relaxing body postures to facilitate lying on their backs.

L line layout

Cotton felt pad for sofa
China Mattress soft hard felt pad

The "L" corner sofa has a strong applicability to the room type, and it can make full use of the limited space, and it is more suitable for medium-sized units.

If it is a sofa with a combination of functions, the flexibility is higher, after a long time tired, you can open it up and change it into another way to merge. The "L"-shaped sofa arrangement is ideal for creating an atmosphere of communication between family members. The sofa can be used either as a sitting or as a couch. If the guests are unable to sit down, they can use the loose stools and armchairs as a supplement.


Suitable for large living room layout layout, has a very good sense of privacy. Everyone sits around and the atmosphere of conversation is more harmonious and creates a good living room.

Armchairs, recliners, low-side cabinets, etc., which are freely combined together, are of course more varied in level and are more testable for skill.

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