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The decoration skills of the bedroom

hya hya.net 2017-12-27 09:10:15
The decoration skills of the bedroom

The bedroom is an important place for us to rest. It is also a room to protect our privacy, so the friends who have a new house must pay attention to the decoration. The decoration of the bedroom requires the integration of comfort and privacy. So what kind of decorating skills do you have in the bedroom?  Come on and see it. Bedroom decoration techniques. (1) 1. bedroom air is often open windows and ventilation, or air purifier is used to keep the air fresh and oxygen sufficient in the bedroom space. It's a special reminder of the quality of the air in the bedroom. If you are inhaling a dirty, contaminant air, your bedroom has a good wind. The bedroom as our rest place, if we want to maintain a good rest state, of course, the air quality of the room is also crucial. Good air quality will make us more comfortable when we rest.

The 2. bedroom ornament Feng Shui learns that the accessories of the room carry a strong Feng Shui energy. If you like to decorate the bedroom with decorative paintings, it is suggested that you use the ideal life image. The sad and lonely image of Lin Daiyu is not suitable for decorating the house as a home decoration, because they make your emotional life cooler. It is a good arrangement for the bedroom if the picture of a partner's two people's happy picture, the flower pattern in full bloom and so on.

Bedroom decorating skills (two) 1. bedroom light, soft light is not only for the purpose of protecting the eyes, but also the most important element of our energy from the geomantic omen. For example, the God festival night for the "naked" action to advance preview on romantic candle lighting, make the bedroom instantly enhance the romantic atmosphere. The bedroom light has great influence on people's sleep. In the bedroom, it is not recommended to use strong and bright lights in Thailand. This will affect the quality of sleep.

Color psychologists in 2. bedrooms have long discovered that color has an impact on the human perception system. Geomantic thought that warm colors such as red and pink will greatly activate your love life. Soft and level rose, the coral will attract considerate the other half, and dark red and other bold colors will attract enthusiastic, dare to explore him to you. Since it is a private space, you can use these bold and enthusiastic colors to add passion to your private time.

If you want to make better use of the bedroom space to do something else, you can choose to use a folding bed instead of a common bed.

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