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How to choose the mattress

hya hya.net 2017-12-28 14:40:52
How to choose the mattress

The direct cost of the mattress is mainly reflected in the material price difference, but the actual price will be influenced by many factors, such as the brand premium, the indirect cost and so on. But from the perspective of mattress selection, the actual cost of mattress is the most important concern for us, which directly affects the quality of materials, and determines the sleeps of a mattress to a large extent. There are two major categories of main mattress materials, spring and sponges. In particular, you can use a spring + sponge, and the whole sponge can be used as the inner core of the mattress. Let's take a look at each other.

Among them, the first three kinds belong to the whole net spring, the spring is connected to each other, and the performance is worse than the single bag spring. The price and type of spring are generally distributed as above, and of course, more expensive zoning springs, but still belong to the category of single bag springs. Mattress material is very complex, but there is a bit better, that is, in most cases, the more expensive the better, otherwise it will not be eliminated. There are three major types of spongy materials: polyurethane foam (also known as sponges), memory sponges, latex. Each kind of sponge material has many branches, but eventually, beware of excessive publicity. Memory cotton and natural latex are the most expensive sponges, and their performance is the best. So it is usually used as a cozy layer in a high-end style spring mattress. Because of its excellent performance, memory cotton and natural latex can also be used alone as mattresses, and their performance is much larger than that of spring mattress, and the thickness can also be greatly reduced. The disadvantage is expensive.

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