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Sheet material selection

hya hya.net 2017-12-29 21:18:44
Sheet material selection

A beautiful bedroom always cannot do without the sweet bed sheets are, each family will use the bedding, sheet fabric quality will directly affect the quality of sleep, choice of the fabric cloth leaflets, first to distinguish about what kind of linen fabrics, linen fabric is the most comfortable, what kind of sheets fabric?

At present, the three kinds of fabric, pure cotton, polyester and blended fabric, are more common in the market. The sheet cloth of pure cotton, the most comfortable and most breathable, so most families in the choice of sheet cloth, most of the cotton sheets will be selected. Pure cotton sheets are also the most economical and affordable, and are also the most widely used.

Polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber, polyester fabric is a very large number of chemical fiber garments used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is the wrinkle resistance and shape retention properties of polyester sheets is very good, good strength, smooth crisp, easy to wash and quick drying, but there are also shortcomings and feel hard, feel the difference, gloss is not soft, breathable, poor hygroscopicity etc..

Although the advantages of polyester and cotton blended sheets set, but polyester cotton blended cloth sheets plus the price of a high grade, good price sheets than ordinary cotton blended sheets have higher prices, more than ten dollars to a hundred dollars, this depends on the amount of cotton and blended sheets containing work to distinguish, so choose when the cotton blended sheets to choose.