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Steps to buy a couch

hya hya.com 2018-06-13 19:26:08
Steps to buy a couch 

The sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in the living room. It can both entertain the guests and get together with the family. It is also convenient for you to watch TV and read books and magazines. The sofa has a single seat, two seats, and three seats. Different arrangements can be made. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, you must first consider the living room space and use, and then select the right match according to the overall design. 

Trying to sit on the sofa is the first step to take a look. If it feels like touching the bottom, it is best to choose another sofa. No matter how you sit, it is a good sofa that can strongly support the body. When buying a sofa, sit in different positions. If you like to sit cross-legged, the seat of the sofa will be deeper; if you sit in the ordinary position, the seat is too dark or too shallow to fit.

The sofas on the market are not nearly the same in appearance, but the materials used may not be the same, so do not buy a sofa with a poor texture at a high price. Usually the heavier sofa, the better the quality. Leather sofas are generally heavier than fabric sofas. Do not pay attention only to the price, because some sofas with the same appearance are made of different materials. It is better to study the quality of the sofa first. Coiled spring sofas are generally considered to be good, but if the springs are not specially treated for a long time, the sofa may buzz.

In order to avoid being misled by the large showroom, one should first understand the area of ​​the living room before purchasing.

Sponge requirements

Fillers mainly refer to sponges. The sponges are divided into three types: elastic, high elasticity, super soft, and bullet. The bullet sponge is generally used as a backrest and handrail part, and a high elasticity and high elasticity super soft sponge is used as a seat part. High-grade sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 40 kg/cubic meter or more, and back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 25 kg/cubic meter or more. In order to improve the comfort of sitting and sitting, some foams still do a soft treatment on the premise of not reducing the density, and some of them set a vertical spring in the seat cushion, so that the sofa has higher resilience and anti-aging properties. Under normal circumstances, the human body sat down after the sofa cushion with a depression of about 10 cm.

Sofa frame stability

A good set of sofas must be framed with square pegs and sided with plates. We can lift the sofa to feel the weight. If you use the packing board, the nails of the cleats are light and the solid wood frame is heavy. You can also shake the entire sofa back and forth and left and right. Its firmness.

Home textile fabrics manufacturer

Look at the internal structure of the fine workmanship

Now whether it is a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, there is usually a zipper at the bottom that can be opened. We can uncover the bottom corner of the seat to see if there is no blemishes, no worms, no scars, no bark or wood hair. Hardwood production, and the material and material of the junction is not nailed nails, but with a blind eye or carved bite each other, and then glued firmly, there is no problem.

Look fabric

If it is a leather sofa, the most important thing is to choose leather. Now popular sofas in the market are divided into full-green leather sofas and semi-green leather sofas. When leather sofas are purchased, the leather must have a rich luster, no scars, and a fine texture. Use your fingertips to pinch a point and you should feel it. Flexible and powerful, after sitting, wrinkles can be disappeared or invisible after being trimmed. This kind of leather is fine.

If it is a fabric sofa, it should be noted that the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a looper structure. The high-grade fabric sofa generally has a cotton lining, and other easily contaminated parts can be changed. The fabric of the sofa should be relatively thick, with a durability of more than 300 g/m2, and it must be ensured that the surface of the sofa can not be pilled more than 12,000 times. If imported high-grade fabrics also have antistatic, flame retardant, tear strength and other functions. Buy fabric sofa to choose the fine and smooth fabric latitude and longitude, no jumps, no exposed joints, feel stiff.

The fabric does not have to be thick. It is important that the fabric be dense enough. The cloth with high density only wears, and it is not easy to deform after washing. In particular, some high-grade fabrics to improve anti-fouling ability, the surface has also been a special treatment, with anti-static, flame-retardant and other functions. Buy fabric sofa to choose the fine latitude and longitude of the fabric line, no jumps, no exposed joints, feel stretched of. Sewing depends on whether the stitches are even and straight, and both hands are forced to look at the seams to see if they are tight and if the edges of the teeth are round and plump.

To buy cloth sets separately, be sure to buy them together when buying a sofa. Buying a sofa cover afterwards is generally not appropriate. If you buy it together, the manufacturer will try to install a cloth cover. If it is found inappropriate, you can change it immediately.

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