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Sofa cover cleaning tips

hya hya 2018-11-28 10:46:28

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The sofa is one of the most frequently used furniture in our life. It is used much more. Naturally, its maintenance and maintenance is a problem that many housewives should consider. Of course, there are many types of sofas, and the cleaning methods used for different types of sofas are different. Next, let's talk about the cleansing of the sofa cover for each type of sofa!

The first type: flannelette sofa
If you decorate above all when choosing sofa material to pledge, the friend that suggests to think to compare lazy does not choose such sofa, flannelette sofa touchs ash easily, if not often clean, still do not choose, do not clear up for a long time, sofa may be red originally, lead black of period of time. If the sofa of your home is inconvenient move at will, that you also can do to clean sofa, can dip towel into water, wring next, wipe the surface of flannelette sofa with wring wet towel, dirt is touched by wet towel drop.

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The second type: fabric sofa
First of all, you can spray a layer of fabric antifouling agent on the surface of the cloth cover when replacing the new fabric seat cover on the fabric sofa, which can reduce the dust on the fabric sofa. However, you may not agree with the chemical substance rejection of antifouling agents. In fact, this is not very good, so we can cover sofa towels, such as cushions, handrails and heads, in places where the sofa is more dirty. When it's dirty, just clean the sofa towel.

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The third type: leather sofa
As for the leather sofa, most of them do not involve the sofa cover. If the surface is stained with dust due to the material, just wipe the surface with a clean towel and wipe off the dust. If it is a high-grade leather sofa, it will have a feeling of black surface when used for a long time. You can wipe the sofa with clean and soft towel and water for 2 times. When it is dry, apply the leather polish evenly on the leather surface of the sofa to make the sofa The surface is as bright as new.