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Improper mattresses endanger the spine of teenagers

hya hya.com 2018-11-28 11:20:24

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There are many reasons that lead to low age of spinal discomfort: unreasonable bedding can also cause muscle strain, disc herniation and other symptoms, and become the "accomplice" of spinal discomfort. Inadequate exercise or lack of exercise; Long-term sleeping posture, standing posture, sitting posture is not correct; Many textbooks and large amount of homework, student backpack heavy cause back overload on and off school.

Improper mattresses endanger the spine of young people:
Mattess is too soft, collapse brings about support force inadequacy, human body curve complies with the deformation of mattess, the vertebra in imperceptible change was bent naturally, and can increase the load of the body, cause lumbar muscle strain. The mattress is too soft and the mattress quality is not good causes the collapse question, to the spine discomfort promotion has the similar place: in the human body sleep process, the entire person is in the relaxed state, therefore all supports the strength to come from the mattress.

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Unqualified or inferior mattess will tell from essence namely mattess did not achieve the effect that protects morpheus health, the tool that provides only sleeps, did not achieve the effect that conduce to morpheus however, affect morpheus health even. Common sense tells etiology to always have source, and mattess design is unreasonable or use material to have blemish is to become "accomplice" source. They have two big characteristic: it is mattess soft hard unreasonable, 2 it is mattess draw materials quality is bad, after passing the morpheus of period of time, bed body collapses.

Too hard mattess supports force too big to teenager shoulder ministry, coxal, head, leg ministry, and neck, waist is in for a long time support force is insufficient even cantilever condition, although teenager slants hard mattess appropriately, but mattess is too hard actually to teenager harm is bigger. If you want to fit the mattress, you have to bend the overhang, which can exacerbate discomfort and deform the spine.

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There are a lot of household brands on the market already rolled out protect ridge mattess at present. A good mattress takes into account both the soft and hard effects on the sleeper and whether the mattress is good for you. Mattress built-in independent bag spring, spring between separate forces, to help correct spinal curvature. This kind of mattess USES advanced design concept, apply human body engineering to mattess manufacturing, make mattess supports human body effectively in all directions, protect vertebra to start from every inch.