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Smart air conditioning mattress

hya hya.com 2018-09-06 14:16:43

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Intelligent air conditioning mattress introduction

The intelligent air-conditioning and air-conditioning is an intelligent multi-functional mattress. The whole set of intelligent air-conditioning mattress consists of four parts: the heating and cooling temperature control host, the hose, the mattress (water circulation system) and the remote control. The mattress is controlled by microcomputer and liquid crystal display technology, which can accurately control the temperature to each degree and achieve intelligent constant temperature. It can be adjusted automatically and manually by using. The overall shape is simple, the touch is comfortable, the material is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the water in the intelligent air-conditioning mattress has no electricity. Don't worry about leakage and fire hazard. Use safety and peace of mind.

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Intelligent air conditioning mattress material

The air-conditioning mattress is a high-purity cotton mattress. The cotton pad is made of natural plant fiber and high-quality cotton. The material is natural and soft, and the skin is contactless and non-irritating. It has no odor and absorbs sweat. The mattress has a hollow tooth tube of the size of a toothpick. The inside is a circulating pure water. The mat can also be folded and stored. It has strong anti-stress, non-conducting and non-energized, and is safe to use. The air-conditioning mattress is also a washable mattress that can be washed by hand to prevent bacterial growth and keep the mattress clean and comfortable.

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Intelligent air conditioning mattress function

The cold and air-conditioning mattress is cooled by the water circulation heating mainframe. Only one cup of pure water is needed every night, and it can be circulated through the inside and outside of the host to achieve comfortable sleep of hot and cold self-control. The whole operation is noise-free, not hot, and can supplement negative ions and oxygen to make the capillary. The blood vessels are expanded by heat, accelerate blood circulation, increase blood oxygen content, dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, soften blood vessels, and at the same time replenish moisture to the skin. The long-term use has physiological regulation on the human body, and the mattress can quickly eliminate fatigue. To relieve psychological stress, promote metabolism, and at the same time significantly improve sleep quality and improve immunity.