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Single mattress quality evaluation

hya hya.com 2018-10-19 14:42:39

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1. How about latex single mattress?

Latex mattresses are also the most familiar type of mattress. But the latex single mattress made of latex is quite rare. Latex material is made of imported latex. It has the advantages of high comfort, good support for human body, antibacterial and anti-mite effect, light weight and suitable for moving. The disadvantage is that it is easy to oxidize and can cause allergies in some people.

2. How about the memory cotton single mattress?

The memory foam mattress is also known as the space memory cotton slow rebound mattress. The memory cotton single mattress has the advantage that it can fit the curve of the human body very well. For consumers with waist discomfort, the mattress of this material is effective. Relieve waist discomfort and improve sleep quality.

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3. How about the coir single bed pad?

Coir mattresses are one of the most common types of mattresses, and the coir mattresses made from this material also have the advantage over ordinary double mattresses. The coir is soft and hard, and has good breathability and comfort. It effectively releases the heat generated by the human body and ensures a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. Coco mattresses are widely used, which is the most advantageous for children. For the elderly, the use of coir mattress helps to relax the bones and improve the quality of sleep.

4. How about the sponge single mattress?

Single mattresses made of sponge materials are not very common, but sponges are widely used in life, such as sofa cushions, chair cushions, etc., which are used in these places. The single mattress made of sponge is softer and more comfortable, and the support effect is better, and the body pressure is relaxed. However, the sponge mattress also has many disadvantages, the internal air permeability is not good, and it is easy to breed bacteria. The sponge is easy to get wet, and the long-term use will cause certain damage to the body.

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5.3d material single mattress

The main component of 3d material is polyester fiber, non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly and non-irritating. The material of the mesh structure is strong in ventilation and heat permeability, not easy to be damp and mildew, strong in antibacterial and anti-mite; comfortable resilience and support, comprehensive support Human bones.

6. How about the inflatable single mattress?

How about the inflatable single mattress, I believe that consumers who prefer air mattresses are the most suitable for choosing an air mattress at home. The air mattress is convenient to store and does not occupy too many places. It is also a must-have for travel. However, the shortcoming of the air mattress is that the long-term use will have a certain impact on the spine, and secondly, the hole in the air mattress is more serious, directly scrapped, and the service life is not long.