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Good and bad latex mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-10-18 15:42:30

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The natural mattress smells a faint scent of natural latex, which is the taste of the latex itself, non-toxic and harmless, and is a characteristic that other bedding does not have.

Latex mattresses have thousands of honeycomb vents that hold more air than other fibers. These holes promote natural ventilation and are equivalent to the best natural air conditioning system; in summer, they are more deeply aware of its refreshing and comfortable feeling.

Latex itself has anti-bacterial and dust-proof effects, prevents bacterial growth, and prevents skin and nasal allergies. It is a boon for people with allergic skin.

The natural latex mattress feels comfortable and feels like a baby-like skin. When you press it down, it will bounce back quickly. It should be noted that a sweaty hand can easily make the latex yellow when it comes into contact with the latex mattress. This is normal. phenomenon.

A good mattress will relax as soon as you lie down. It is easy to sleep more tired and tired, and it is difficult to make people sleep comfortably. Latex itself is difficult to prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to UV light, which is faster. Real latex can't be formed. The so-called natural latex latex rubber is only 20%-40% pure, mostly protein and sugar. Latex must be added to the base to extend the storage time.