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Performance of the stiff neck

hya hya.com 2019-01-08 15:24:01

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I don't know if you have had an experience. You slept well at night. When you woke up in the morning, you found that your neck was licking, and the back of the neck was sore. It took several hours to ease.

This is the reason why our sleeping posture is incorrect at night, and the stiff neck caused by it is also called “lost pillow” in medicine. It refers to a disease in which the muscles on one side of the neck are paralyzed, causing neck pain and limited activity. The professional diagnosis is called "acute cervical vertebra joint inflammation" or "neck and shoulder muscle fasciitis".

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Performance one: the general performance is to feel the back of the neck after getting up, the upper back pain is uncomfortable, with more on one side, or both sides are painful, or one side is heavy, one side is light, because the body is changed from flat to upright, neck Muscle strength changes, can cause progressive exacerbations, and even affect the shoulders and chest and back. (Springs for mattress  supplier)

Performance 2: The neck activity is unfavorable, and it is not free to rotate. In severe cases, it is difficult to pitch. Even the head is strong to the abnormal position, and the head is biased to the disease side.

Performance 3: It may also be characterized by tenderness in the neck muscles, sputum in the superficial muscles, stiffness, and a sense of "feeling", so pay attention to your posture before going to bed, try to avoid the occurrence of the stiff neck phenomenon.