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Maintenance tips for mattresses when in use

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1. mattress maintenance skills - before use
(1) The new spring mattress has just been bought back, and it is inevitable to carry the mattress a distance. At this time, the mattress should be handled to avoid excessive deformation of the mattress. Do not bend or fold the mattress. Do not directly tie the rope with the rope, resulting in internal spring deformation. Affect the comfort of the mattress.
(2)The newly purchased spring mattress is best to first tear off the plastic protective film, keep the environment ventilated and dry, and let the taste of the mattress dissipate and sleep again. To avoid moisture in the mattress, do not expose the mattress for too long to avoid fading on the bed.
(3)Set the cleaning pad or mattress before use to ensure the product is clean for a long time; keep it clean.

2. mattress maintenance skills - in use
(1) Three to four months or so, the spring mattress will be adjusted and turned over regularly to make the mat surface evenly stressed and prolong the service life; do not often sit on the edge of the bed, because the four corners of the spring mattress are the most vulnerable, long-term Sitting on the edge of the bed can easily damage the trim spring. Do not tighten the bed cover or mattress when using it, so as not to block the vent hole of the mattress, resulting in the air in the mattress being unable to circulate and germs.
(2) Avoid local stress on the surface of the pad. Sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time or letting the child jump on the mattress will easily deform the spring inside the mattress, and the resilience will be affected.
(3)Clean the spring mattress with a vacuum cleaner regularly, but do not wash it directly with water or detergent. At the same time, avoid lying down after bathing or sweating, and do not use electrical appliances or smoking in bed.
(4)Avoid scratching the fabric with sharp angle tools or knives. When using, pay attention to keep the environment ventilated and dry, and avoid the mattress being damp. Use a better quality bed cover, pay attention to the length and width of the bed cover to cover the mattress. The bed cover not only has strong sweat absorption capacity, but also dustproof and clean.

3.mattress maintenance skills - after use
Do not expose the mattress to the air directly when the spring mattress is not in use. It is best to seal the mattress with a larger plastic packaging film to keep the environment dry so that the mattress can be kept. It is damp and mildewed, and it can also prevent dust from staining the mattress.