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Debunking 3 big lies, 4 strokes teach you to choose the mattress that suits you

hya hya.com 2018-05-29 16:29:04
Debunking 3 big lies, 4 strokes teach you to choose the mattress that suits you

Normally, almost one third of each person needs to spend time in bed every day. The mattress is undoubtedly one of the longest furniture to accompany you. But what is surprising is that so far, of the four major mattresses, only the palm mattresses have become a national standard. The spring mattress with the longest history has only one light industry standard. As for latex and foam mattresses, there is no uniform standard. The lack of authoritative standards has led to the prevalence of lies in the mattress market, and everyone is at a loss when selecting mattresses. 

Break through the three most common lies of the mattress industry, and share four ways to quickly and simply make basic judgments on the quality of mattresses.

Hard mattresses are more conducive to physical health, especially for special groups such as the elderly and children.

The fact is: for any group of people, whether it is a hard or soft mattress is not conducive to good health, soft and hard mattress suitable for any group of people. When people are sleeping, it is also a process of physical relaxation. Due to the existence of the human body curve, neither the supine nor the side-sleep can do the entire body on the same plane. Therefore, mattresses with moderate hardness are required to form an effective support for the human body based on the human body curve. If the mattress is too stiff, it cannot support the entire body effectively, resulting in only a few human body parts being stressed. One is very uncomfortable, can not effectively relieve fatigue, and secondly, it will cause deformation of the spine. Thirdly, the stress will be too heavy, which is not conducive to blood circulation. When the mattress is too soft, the human body will be trapped in the mattress, causing the mattress to crush on the human body, and it is also not conducive to human cooling. In addition, due to the uneven weight distribution of the human body, the weight of the waist and abdomen is the largest, which will cause the waist and abdomen to sink downward. One can also cause the spine to deform, and second, it can squeeze the viscera.

Especially for elderly people with relatively loose bones and children with long bodies, deformed extrusion of the spine is more detrimental to health.

An expensive mattress or mattress with so-called health functions is more conducive to good health.

The fact is: mattresses allow people to relax and relax when they are resting. As long as they are properly qualified mattresses, performance will not be much different, and all kinds of so-called health care functions will not be reliable. The four major types of mattresses, for each category, are similar in their basic structure and materials. For example, spring mattresses and palm mattresses are generally composed of a surface layer, a comfort filling layer, and a support layer.

Palm mattresses and latex mattresses and foam mattresses, both latex and foam, are both comfortable filling layers and support layers, so they generally have only two layers, the inner layer and the upper layer.

Sponge mattresses do not deny that due to differences in selection, design, and quality, a reasonable difference in mattress prices will result. However, the so-called sky-high mattresses that are moved by hundreds of thousands of people are definitely more stupid people than adults. In fact, mattresses are also the most opaque and darkest of all furniture!

A healthy and environmentally friendly mattress that provides effective rest and relaxation is the best mattress for your health.

Palm mattresses are made from natural materials, so they are the most healthy and environmentally friendly mattresses. The fact is: Palm mattresses are based on natural organic materials. If they are not properly maintained, they can easily breed worm parasites and cause skin allergies.

Some palm mattress companies, on the one hand, attack latex and foam as chemical products, which will affect their health. On the other hand, springs and other metals in the spring mattresses will disturb the human body's magnetic field and are not conducive to good health. It seems that only the palm mattress is the most environmentally friendly and healthy. In fact, in order to guarantee the basic comfort of the human body, palm mattresses also use latex and foam in the filling layer. The so-called metal will disturb the human body's magnetic field is purely nonsense, I do not believe how much the current bed frame is not using metal connectors. In fact, palm itself as a natural organic matter, how to effectively inhibit the growth of parasites, consumers need to take care of the selection and maintenance.

Ways to Pick Your Fit Mattress In general, there are four criteria for determining whether a mattress is good or bad.

One is comfort. Hard and soft moderate, comfortable filling layer should not be less than 2cm, can form an effective support to the human body.

The second is security. The timber is safe and environmentally friendly, the structure is reasonable, and formaldehyde and other harmful gases are released within a safe range.

The third is breathability. It can quickly and effectively discharge waste water discharged from human skin, which is beneficial to skin respiration.

The fourth is health. It is not easy to breed parasites that are not conducive to human health, and heavy metals in textile fabrics are not easily precipitated.

As a general consumer, it is not possible to completely disassemble the mattress to view internal structures and fillers when purchasing, and it is impossible to identify through long-term experience. How can we make basic judgments quickly and effectively? Here are four simple quick ways to share.

The first move: stick. Use your fingers to dipped in water and dip in on the surface of the mattress to see if it is easy to fade. If dyed fabrics are easily discolored, heavy metal dyes are likely to stain on the skin and affect health. Secondly, the selection of mattresses is not considered. Of course, the process of dipping is also the process of touching, and how to make fabrics know how to do it.

The second measure: smell. The new mattress should pay attention to smelling any special smell. It is normal if it is a pale scent of palm silk or milky scent of latex. If the smell of glue, etc. is too strong, beware of harmful gases.

The third measure: shoot. Select several parts of the mattress, especially a few corners, and pat it hard. One is to feel the elasticity of the mattress and it is certainly not comfortable enough to have too much elasticity. The second is to feel the breathability of the mattress. If you feel the wind through the palm of your hand when you shoot, it means that the air permeability is good.

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