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Living room wall paintings, pay attention to feng shui must also consider the home beauty!

hya hya.com 2018-05-17 17:08:47

In the process of housing decoration, most users tend to personalize and romanticize their layout. However, everyone knows that sometimes this pattern has seriously affected the feng shui of households and caused financial loss at home. Therefore, home feng shui must pay attention to it, a warm and harmonious one. Home, nature should have good feng shui. And do you know that simple living room wall paintings have Feng Shui meaning?

A good home improvement can help you successfully bring good luck and financial resources, but the wrong home renovation and layout will take away the good fortune and allow families to lose money. Today we come to chat about the choice of the wall paintings in the living room.

If you want good fortune, how can you lose the cornucopia of feng shui paintings? This landscape painting is an elaborate feng shui painting masterpiece conceived by teacher Wu Dazhao. It depicts the changing scenery of the four seasons. The works are from right to left, followed by spring, summer, autumn and winter. The beauty of the four seasons, the thawing of springs, the cold springs, the boating of fishermen, the safflowers of trees, the mountains of maple forests, and the snow-capped peaks of ice, symbolize the cycle of one year, and it is also the meaning of running.

The spring breeze He Xi, summer wood Dicui, autumn harvest, winter snow auspicious. Everywhere, every source, the spring and the fortune, the winter's fortune, all the year round, the fortunes continue! The stream is gathered together in a shape like a cornucopia, accommodating the riches, gathering wealth, plentiful resources, flourishing prosperity, and a promising future. Lakes and lakes are deep, the cornucopia is wealthy, the deep pool is unfathomable, and the financial resources keep flowing in. The lake does not flow out, wealth is not leaked, it is clear and pure, and the wealth of justice is!

The decorative paintings in the living room of the family should not be indiscriminately linked. It is recommended to select Wang Caiyun from the Internet, the cornucopia landscape paintings from the Fortune, and the cornucopia landscape paintings from home. No matter whether it is doing business, or the staff can create wealth and wealth.

Li Linhong's “Purple Purple East” cornucopia landscape painting uses the classic composition layout of Feng Qingzuo Zuo Qinglong and the right white tiger, cleverly integrates Feng Shui in the town house, and works mainly in yellow, giving people a sense of sight everywhere. The waterfalls on both sides have the meaning of prosperity and prosperity. The flowing water symbolizes the living treasures of Baotan, where the wealth is not leaked. This is the tasteful choice of home Wangcai decorative painting!

“Fukou Shou Xi Cai” is the biggest feng shui highlight of the cornucopia of Li Linhong's landscape painting cornucopia works! The trees are dark green, fresh and elegant, and the clouds are misty, magnificent, and the mountains are ups and downs, and the mist rises and the streams converge. The shape of the cornucopia is to accommodate Wancai, get rich and be rich, with good fortune, flourishing prosperity, and a long way to go. 

The rising sun rises from the clouds and the water flows into the cornucopia. The trees are full of red peanuts, the green trees are full of red peanuts, the small bridges are full of water, the rich roads are full of people, and the fortunes of the future are rich, the scene of prosperity and prosperity, Ruilu Xianghe, this scene. The artwork is of excellent meaning. Hanging in the living room is elegant and feng shui is better.

The so-called good landscape paintings have a strong gas field and a deep artistic conception. They have rich connotations and have a stable function. In the distraught life, take a look at the real famous landscape paintings and you will be able to calm your mind.

Surrounded by mountains, water flows around the three sides. From the perspective of feng shui, the first principle of good feng shui is “Huanhuan water hold”. In other words, there are mountains to rely on, to the Wang people, in front of water to surround, to Wangcai. The clever arrangement of Ying Ke Song, the guests and the lucky ones, and the disaster relief, the waterfalls and waters on the mountains and green pines not only add a sense of charm and movement to the picture, but also show a kind of auspicious meaning with a lot of financial resources and a long history.