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How often should bed sheets be washed? Cleaning frequency of household items

hya hya.com 2018-05-15 10:57:10
How often should bed sheets be washed? Cleaning frequency of household items 

Bed sheet: once a week

According to research conducted by the United Kingdom, 35% of Britons changed clothes once a month, while 10% of Britons had one month. So, how often should sheets be changed?

Australian experts, for people who take a bath once a day, should ideally change the sheets once a week. The pillowcases should be changed every other day, because there are more dirt on the hair than other parts of the body, and the pillowcases will directly touch the facial skin, so it should be changed more often.

If you hate blackheads and acne, you must pay attention to the change of the pillow, because the skin debris in the pillow is one of the main causes of blackheads and acne. Even if you use a down pillow, you should change it once a ye

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If you want better results, you can also add a little bleach and disinfectant, but you must thoroughly rinse with clean water. Otherwise, bleach and disinfectants as a chemical agent are also irritating.

Curtains: wash once in half a year

Many people do not pay much attention to the cleanliness of the curtains. One hangs for one year. Some families do not wash even once or two or three years. This causes the curtains to be contaminated by dust and dust, if the room is poorly ventilated or the walls are damp. It is easy to breed bacteria and cause other health threats to the human body.


In a week or two, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the dust off the curtains, especially for families with children or pets. They must insist on cleaning curtains thoroughly once in six months.

Mattress: wash once in half a year

Maybe you don’t believe that the seemingly bulky mattress would be one of the easiest things to clean in the house. In general, cleaning once every six months is enough.


First use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the mattress surface, then wipe the surface of the mattress with a damp cloth moistened with cold water. If there is any stain, you can use a little shampoo to gently remove the stain.