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Inside Secret LaTeX Mattress

hya hya.com 2018-05-22 11:31:52
Inside Secret LaTeX Mattress

person spends one third of their lives in their sleep. The comfort of mattresses and the choice of high-quality materials make more and more consumers value latex mattresses because they are quiet and not easily transmitted. They are not easily isolated. Foreign body sensation, which does not oppress the bones and muscles to make the body easier to relax, good support and deformation, moisturizing and breathability, and anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial properties, all make latex mattresses the leader in the cookware market. 

Latex cookers need to be added with certain auxiliary qualitative agents because of the need for qualitative foaming, which accounts for about 5 to 10% of the total, which means that it is impossible to have 100% latex, and natural latexes of 90 or more. The content of the industry can be said to be pure rubber, latex pillow to do pure rubber is a trend, the mattress is far from being achieved, the market for 30 to 50 natural latex content in the mainstream, there are many lower consumers It's really hard to choose.

What is the low content of latex mattress harmful to the body? What is the remaining material? Generally harmful, many bad synthetic rubber will contain formaldehyde, there are very many will increase the weight of talcum powder, talc will mainly affect the human respiratory tract Medical grade talcum powder is better, if it is chemical grade talcum powder will contain a large number of asbestos, is the world's first-class carcinogens, there will be a lot of flavor, the taste will be very pungent, natural latex mattress only It will be a light latex fragrance, very light. 

Latex pillows can now be more than half of their natural counterparts. Naturally speaking, mattresses should not be less than one-hundredth of a percent natural. They are less likely to win lottery tickets. Southeast Asia is rich in latex raw materials, accounting for 70% of the world's latex production. The latex factories around the world are basically raw materials for latex cookware or rubber products. However, the process can be generally lagging behind. It is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended to buy it carefully.

The price of genuine natural latex mattresses is very much affected by the price of latex raw materials. The real high quality natural latex is greatly affected by the international latex raw materials. The prices are all unstable. Now the latex raw materials are only 1/4 of three years ago. First, tens of thousands of high-quality latex mattresses were normal. Now the latex raw materials are picking up, and the price is not good enough.

There are several ways to identify latex mattresses: The first smell, the taste is very fragrant certainly not pure and natural latex content will be very low, natural can be said to be close to no taste, the second to see the elastic willfulness, natural elastic toughness Is very good, can play a good support for the human body, there is a very good health care effect on the cervical and lumbar spine, it is recommended that we still choose natural latex mattress, for health is very beneficial to sleep, poor quality mattress can not only Good for the health will also endanger health. After all, a mattress needs to be used for more than 10 years. It must not be greedy and cheap. Consumers must choose regular manufacturers and after-sales guaranteed brand purchases. This is very important.

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