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Infinity shines between innovations:Infinity shines between innovations

hya hya,com 2018-03-23 20:51:37
Infinity shines between innovations:Infinity shines between innovations

The development of any industry is inseparable from innovation. The exhibition is a comprehensive arena of innovative methods, innovative results, and innovative thinking. As the textile industry is deeply involved in international competition, the manufacturing industry with high degree of marketization is innovating all the time, while the innovation from the upstream is more meaningful to the entire industry.

From March 14th to 16th, 2018, the 15th China International Textile Yarn (Spring and Summer) Exhibition (yarnexpo) was grandly held in the 5.1 building of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Yarnexpo, which has used the whole hall of Hall 5.1 for several consecutive sessions, continued to maintain its high popularity, high standards, and high standards. The 26,000-square-meter stadium was crowded with people, and exhibitors were brilliant.

The exhibition group exhibited great results

One of the highlights of this year's yarn show is that many exhibitors took part in a large-scale booth in the form of a pavilion. The independent pavilion displayed not only the product but also the determination and confidence to develop together.

The China Graphene Modified Fiber and Application Development Industry Development Alliance approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is one of the eight pavilions. It was also the first time that it exhibited as a pavilion. Graphene is a kind of material that has been used in the application of new textile materials in recent years. Its excellent performance has opened up infinite imagination for the future application of textiles. However, the birth of new things is always going through a painful process. Graphene is no exception. . In order to better mature Graphene + Textile, the Graphene Alliance made its debut in the form of a pavilion and achieved remarkable results.

Practice has shown that exhibiting in groups in the form of a pavilion does indeed have the effect of a strong combination, with a significant brand effect. In the eight pavilions, in addition to the overseas BLA Pavilion, there are seven pavilions in the country, and only one of the seven pavilions is a local pavilion organized by the local government delegation. This is the Xinjiang pavilion. The Xinjiang pavilion is an important pavilion in the cotton spinning zone. The Xinjiang pavilion brought together 16 leading spinning companies including Litai Silk Road, Fuli Zhen Lun and Youngor Agriculture to participate in the exhibition. The Xinjiang textile industry industry management office director Yang Xiaodong stated: "Today, the spinning and spinning technology and equipment level of cotton spinning in Xinjiang can absolutely be called the domestic first-class, even the world-class!"

How Ebb Tide Outstanding Positioning + Innovative Exhibition Style

As we all know, in recent years, Xinjiang's cotton spinning industry has grown rapidly. Most of the Xinjiang enterprises are first-class textile leading enterprises in the Mainland, almost all new production capacity is imported first-class equipment, first-rate equipment and the quality advantages of Xinjiang cotton itself, Xinjiang In recent years, the yarn market has been getting better and better, which has brought great pressure to the mainland enterprises.

The exhibition is a cruel testing ground. Whether a product or a company can step on the pulse of the market and find its unique position is crucial. Hengtian China Textiles Wuxi Co., Ltd. is an important member of the Hengtian Exhibition Group. Zhao Ling, general manager of the company, stated that the company focused on differentiated functional nylon staple fibers, and it has become a leader in this field. Nylon staple fiber is a very niche area in many chemical fiber products, but it has excellent performance and huge market space. Zhao Ling believes that the ability of nylon staple fiber has been underestimated for many years, and its main task in the past year or two is To allow nylon staple fiber to “return”, the exhibition is one of the important channels.

The yarn exhibition in the two seasons of the year, the spring and summer venues, ended in a tumultuous event. Exhibitors and spectators found their own new orientation and direction in this feast of fiber yarns. This may be another aspect of the exhibition. One layer of meaning, let us continue to meet Shanghai in the fall of September to find new surprises.

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