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How to choose the most suitable mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-11 10:26:39
How to choose the most suitable mattress?

The price of a mattress can range from a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand yuan, and the life of the mattress is at least ten years. Therefore, in order to occupy one-third of the sleep time per day, you can comfortably enjoy the body and mind. A full rest, to ensure the quality of work and life during the day, it is quite worthwhile to make an investment in the mattress. But how can I choose the mattress that suits me?

Understand the needs
The mattress is a private furniture. Before buying, you need to know the following conditions: your height and weight, the habitual sleeping position, whether you love sweating at night, whether your body has cervical vertebrae, back, waist and other diseases, and whether the blood circulation is good. Usually sleep alone or sleep, if it is asleep, then your partner's height and weight should also be considered, whether the weight and body shape of the two people are much different, whether two people like to constantly change their sleeping position during sleep.

Determine the size
Don't grieve your need for a mattress when you choose a mattress because of the size of the bedroom. In the long run, will you consider your life plan in recent years, will you increase your partner and children? In general, the ideal mattress length should be the user's height plus 20 cm, such as a person with a height of 180 cm, the mattress must be at least 200 cm in length. Now, the size of the general bedroom is also small at around 12 square meters. There is no problem with placing a 180-by-200-cm bed.

Types of mattresses Mattresses, bed sheets and bed frames are the basic combination of a bed, and the mattress is the basis for determining comfort. A suitable mattress should support all parts of the body, especially the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips and legs, when the person is lying down. When the person is lying on the side, the spine maintains a natural straight line, and when lying down, the spine has a natural S shape. In this way, all parts of the body will not take extra pressure, completely relax, and achieve full rest.