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How often do you clean your bedding?

hya hya.com 2018-11-05 14:27:25

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1.Sheets and duvet covers: wash once a week

It has been reported that sheets that are not washed for 10 days may have 5.5 pounds of sweat left on them. Such sheets are a paradise for locust bacteria.

2.Pillow towel, pillowcase: wash once a week

The pillow is easily stained with dander, dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and oil and dirt on the hair and skin. If you clean your face every day without changing your pillow, your face may be "whitewashed".

If there is a discomfort such as skin irritation on the face, it is recommended to change it once or twice. For the same reason, the pillowcase should also be washed once a week.

3.Pillow: wash every 3 months(China Mattress protector supplier)

The saliva, sweat, and dust, dander, and oil on the head can easily penetrate into the pillow. The longer the pillow is used, the greater the possibility of streptococci and the greater the risk of thrombosis. And autumn and winter are prone to colds, low resistance, especially susceptible to streptococci, buried the root cause of blood clots.

If the pillow material is not easy to clean, it is best to expose it once a week; after 1 year of use, it is recommended to replace the pillow.

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