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The advantage and disadvantage of coarse cloth sheets

hya hya.com 2018-11-02 10:19:10

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The coarse cloth sheet is a kind of bed which is green and healthy and environmentally friendly. It is made of pure cotton yarn and has high use value. And its affinity for the skin, not irritating to the skin is a fashion consumption, avant-garde concept textiles for healthy living.

Advantage of coarse cloth sheets
Advantage 1: The coarse cloth sheets do not fade, the winter is warm in summer and cool in summer, the texture is very soft, it is not irritating to the skin, and has anti-itch effect.
Advantage 2: good permeability, sweat absorption and ventilation, can quickly return to normal body temperature, and now most of the kindergartens, homes and hotels use this kind of sheets.
Advantage three: anti-static, not easy to pick up, can not afford the ball without curling, laid on the bed elegant, generous, clean.
Advantage 4: Improve sleep, because the coarse cloth can make the human body produce a warming effect, increase the microcirculation blood flow of the human body, effectively dredge the meridians, thereby achieving the effect of improving sleep.
Advantage 5: Because the coarse cloth is deep and the line is thick, the numerous massage points formed on the surface have an unexpected massage effect on the human body.

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Shortcomings of coarse cloth sheets
Disadvantages 1: The splicing of the hand-made coarse cloth sheets is inevitable, and the length of the first launch will be slightly reduced.
Disadvantage 2: The coarse cloth products are heavy in weight, so it is more difficult to wash and it takes more time to dry.

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