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How important is the fabric of your clothing?

hya hya.com 2018-04-08 09:59:53
How important is the fabric of your clothing?

In the apparel art, apparel fabrics not only have value in use, but also function in aesthetics. At the same time, they also have aesthetic decorative effects. Among them, the artistic expression of fabric texture constitutes the most up-to-date style of modern apparel fabrics and is attractive. The following will introduce some basic knowledge of apparel fabrics for businesses.

In addition to innovations in design, style and color, clothing design must also take into account the beauty of fabric texture and its performance. Grasp the intrinsic essential characteristics of the fabric and combine it with the clothing styling and color matching to achieve the perfect unity of the inner quality and appearance visual effect of the overall garment texture and fabric texture. The design of the fabric texture generally refers to the secondary fabric Processing, that is to change the original features and forms of the fabric on the basis of conforming to the principle of aesthetics, can also break the original two-dimensional space of the fabric, inject the concept of two-dimensional space, give a fresh visual effect on the appearance of the model. 

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A perfect garment, the choice and design of its fabric is crucial, successful fabric choices do more with less, because the fabric is the basis for the composition of clothing. High-tech integration has brought about secondary processing methods for fabrics. Various forms of technology have emerged in endless ways. The means are rich and colorful, making the fabric aesthetic, comfortable, stretchable, breathable and antibacterial, versatile and easy to make. A lot of changes, therefore, in the choice of time to be consistent with the design theme, in accordance with aesthetic principles and rules, timely selection of different textures of fabrics to fully reflect the designer's artistic style.

Grasping the production process, special finishing, organizational structure, intrinsic performance and appearance style characteristics of various different texture fabrics, these are the basis of the fabrics, and also the basis for the choice of design, and play a decisive role in the final effect of the clothing. Popular trends not only guide the artistic effects of design, but also affect the aesthetic orientation of consumers. The development of fabric art and apparel art complement each other. The fabrics of popular clothing are mostly popular fabrics. Therefore, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the development of clothing, but also to grasp The trend of fabrics and the relationship with clothing.

Modern apparel design has evolved from a narrowly defined garment function design to an overall garment design that reflects the overall quality and connotation of the wearer, and therefore the texture and texture of the garment fabric are closely related to the theme and content of the garment design. Outstanding designers often do not meet the original appearance and state of the fabric, but according to their own unique understanding of the fabric and the needs of the creative theme, further processing and transformation of the fabric, making it become both with strong Connotation of personal emotions, but also a stylish aesthetic and unique style of apparel fabrics, made from such fabrics, clothing, often more personalized and unique look. Therefore, the clothing designer is also a fabric designer, and the integrated design of clothing and fabrics has become an inevitable trend.

The combination of different material fabrics to create a harmonious contrast and a variety of texture contrasting effects is an important and modern means of expressing beauty in form, thereby increasing the appeal of clothing art effects. The German Bauhaus design philosophy is “functional first, form second” and advocates an organic combination of plastic arts, new material processing and structural research. This design philosophy has always inspired designers to focus on the development and application of various materials. The technical process and the correct use of the texture effect of the material are an important part of modern apparel design.

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