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Curtains with 3 Tips

hya hya.com 2018-04-09 09:57:42
Curtains with 3 Tips 

Curtains with Tip 1: Black and Red with Insomnia
If the living room curtains are to speak to the guests, then the bedroom curtains are designed specifically for the owner. In the warm, romantic and intimate bedroom space, besides the decorative function, curtains protect privacy and light. "The bedroom curtains can be made of dark fabrics, which provide good light-blocking properties and can promote sleep. Black-red curtains are a good choice for insomniacs."

Open the door, the curtain of the living room because the location advantage is always the most eye-catching, and the layout of the living room in the eyes of the guests to fully display the owner's taste and pursuit, so pay special attention to the purchase of living room curtains. Insiders suggested that according to the character of the owner, the curtains can create a different atmosphere.

The curtain design of the children's room combined with the child's nature, curtains generally choose a cute cartoon pattern, distinctive colors, and personality style to discuss the small owner's favor. It is particularly worth reminding that because children are naturally active, they sometimes hide and hide with curtains, and even bite the curtains with their teeth, so when buying curtains for children, we must fully consider the issue of health and environmental protection.

Curtains with tips 2: Design styles need to be matched with sofas
Generally speaking, in the modern style decoration, the color and style of the living room curtain should be matched with the fabric sofa in the living room, using hemp or polyester cotton fabrics. Light colors such as beige, beige and light gray are used in color; in European style, the shades of curtains are mostly brown, golden, dark coffee, etc.; while Chinese style is mainly reddish and brown. “The curtains should be matched with the overall home environment. This has become the default rule for the purchase of curtains. The combination of curtains and decoration styles and family and private arrangements fully reflects this rule.

In addition to hue, different curtains and accessories also describe different home "expressions." Different curtains, either elegant or simple, or romantic, or intellectual, tell a different mood.
See how professional drapery designers make curtains!

Curtains with Tip 3: Blended materials resist shrinkage and wrinkle
The selection of summer curtains is very important. In the sunny rooms, such as the study room, children's room, and bathroom, you can select some blinds and roller blinds with good heat insulation and good light-shielding performance. Not only are they light and attractive, but they also keep the heat out of the window. .
The aesthetic effect of the curtains on the layout of the home environment is self-evident. When purchasing curtains, they not only pay attention to the appearance but also take into account the functions. For example, in terms of material selection, different rooms need to fully consider the functionality of curtains because of the different environments. Kitchens, bathrooms, etc. are suitable for dampness, fumes, and shutters; in addition, lounges and tea rooms are also suitable for wooden or bamboo applications. Curtains, balconies use sun-resistant, non-fading materials; the study can choose good translucent fabrics, which will help relax and think about problems.

It is worth mentioning that many consumers ignore the problem of fabric shrinkage. At present, there is no standard for the shrinkage rate in China. However, there are clear implementation standards in foreign countries. Therefore, considering the practicality, when customers purchase, they should ask the shrinking rate, loosen their hands, and leave a shrinking amount of wealth. It is understood that among the curtain fabrics, the texture of cotton, linen, silk, and wool is very popular with consumers, but the fabrics of these textures have a certain rate of shrinkage, artificial fabrics, curtains of synthetic fiber texture, resistance to shrinkage, resistance to fading, wrinkle resistance, etc. Better than cotton fabrics. However, many modern fabrics are made by blending natural fibers with man-made or synthetic fibers.

If you like personality, you can try to create another feeling by overlapping two layers of yarn. In their favorite room, the bottom is made up of colorful patterns with a lower layer of solid colors. The underlying patterns will be revealed in a vague manner. Different effects will be produced according to the effects of different lights inside and outside the house. Not only is it full of Chinese culture's sense of "shame is ashamed," but it also has a unique psychedelic color that infuses exotic language that is difficult to describe. Presumably living in such a room will surely add a lot of mood and reverie... and such a gauze will vary from hundreds of RMB to thousands of RMB, depending on the quality and pattern.

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