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Chinese Academy of Sciences Developed a Large Area Full Fabric Pressure Sensor Array for Smart Cloth

hya hya.com 2018-04-10 09:53:15
Chinese Academy of Sciences Developed a Large Area Full Fabric Pressure Sensor Array for Smart Clothing

With the proliferation of various electronic components integrated into clothing, such as electronic skin, flexible transistors, energy harvesting and storage devices, smart fabrics (electronic fabrics) and wearable devices have attracted widespread interest. Among these electronic components, stress sensors that can sense or respond to external stimuli are an important part of electronic fabrics. The rapid development of smart garments places higher demands on these sensors. It is hoped that they will have light weight, comfort, and flexibility comparable to those of flexible fibers. However, most pressure sensors are silicon-based pressure sensors made by conventional photolithography and other methods. Their high hardness, low sensitivity and limited sensing range are difficult to meet the future development needs of smart clothing.

Based on the above shortcomings, the team of Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Puxiong Researcher, Hu Weiguo Researcher, and Academician Wang Zhonglin (Common Communication) developed a large-area all-fabric pressure sensor array that can be used in smart clothing and wearable electronic devices. Detect stress distribution signals to monitor and respond to the physical health of the body in real time. The research results were published on Advanced Materials.

    This large-area fabric-based pressure sensor array is characterized in that the upper and lower electrodes are composed of common fabrics (the bottom of the interdigitated textile electrode and the surface of the carbon nanotube cotton fabric). Among them, the bottom layer of the interdigitated textile electrode is laser-engraved on the Kapton tape-sealed polyester fabric to form a mask with a desired pattern, and is then made of a conformal Ni coating by electroless deposition (ELD). When stress is exerted on the surface, the upper coarse fiber bundle contacts and separates the metal particles of the lower interdigitated electrode, causing the output to change, thereby sensing the external pressure. 

The fabric pressure sensor can be directly worn on the surface of the human body to detect tiny vibrations such as pulse. Since the sensor is entirely made of fibers, it can also be integrated directly into clothing, which can be used to depict the pressure distribution in real time and dynamically without losing the original comfort and breathability of the clothing. In this way, the detection and response of a portion of the pressure and physiological health signals can be done directly by the fiber sensor embedded in the garment without the need for external devices.

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