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How do cashmere fabrics distinguish quality?

HYA hya.com 2018-12-27 10:57:30

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The first glance at the symbol: when you purchase the goods, be careful to check the supplier's qualifications and the quality certificates of the product. If you buy a wool sweater, if it is pure wool, it should have a pure wool symbol. If it is a mixed product, there should be a symbol of mixed wool. If you see a sign with cashmere and cashmere content, be careful. Because only goats can produce cashmere, sheep have no cashmere.

Secondly, the content: according to national standards, the standard of cashmere wool products is more than 95%, cashmere content of cashmere wool is more than 30% and the content of cashmere less than 30% can not be defined cashmere wool. of raw materials.

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Three look at the plot: from the point of view of the plot, the texture of the real wool sweater is soft and full, with flexibility, feeling good, harmony of colors, good warmth; the texture of fake wool is slightly hard, lack of elasticity, poor warmth. The characteristics of the cashmere fabric are that the hand is warmer than the hand and the chemical fiber cloth is cold in the hand; cashmere is very light and the chemical fiber is very sunk. The truth is not well resolved and the method of incineration can be adopted. Wool and cashmere are attributed to animal fibers. When they are incinerated, they melt in a small black ball, accompanied by the smell of burning hair, which is softened by hand in powder form. If it is rich in chemical fibers, it will burn hard and will taste bad and will not be broken by hand. (Stichbond mattress fabric print)

Fourthly, the price of a goat is only 0.3 to 0.4 kilograms per year, so the price of cashmere is higher. Cashmere goods at too low a price should be taken into consideration at the time of purchase.