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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress, why do so many people like to sleep

hya hya.com 2018-12-28 14:23:38

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They all said that "a third of the day said that they spent the night in sleep," but for office workers, it is really a luxury to sleep for eight hours. With the development of society, competition is getting stronger. Many young people may only sleep for only five or six hours, but also face insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, uncomfortable bedding, and so on.

We all know that spring mattresses are one of the mainstream mattresses, which are very popular with people. What are the benefits of spring mattresses?

First of all, it is breathable. Some people doubt that the breathability of the spring mattress is actually a matter of concern. Whether the spring mattress(Springs for mattress  supplier) is breathable, related to the mattress fabric - the spring is not closed, how can it affect the breathability?

Supportability, it can be said that the support of the spring mattress is that many mattresses are among the best, giving people strong support and fully supporting the weight of the human body.

Fit, a few pocket spring mattresses appeared in the past few years. In all mattresses, in addition to latex, the fit of the independent spring mattress is the best. However, independent springs are softer than latex mattresses - latex mattresses are only slightly softer to sleep than mats.

Durability, the service life of the spring mattress is relatively long, as long as the internal material of the spring does not collapse and there is no dent, the spring mattress can actually be used for more than 10 years.

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There are advantages and disadvantages, then what are the disadvantages of spring mattresses?

Sleeping in a fixed position for a long time or sitting at the bedside and four corners or not periodically flipping the mattress, it is easy to cause the spring mattress to be sunken or deformed, and the independent pocket spring needs a certain amount of manpower and material resources to maintain.

Pay attention when purchasing a test sleep. If there is a sound spring mattress, you can't buy it. This kind of mattress is not a spring that has rusted or a poor quality spring bed net, which is not good for your health.

If your bedding is unwell, wake up and find back pain, then you must pay attention, it may be that your mattress has a problem. For office workers, sleep time is not much, and its quality must be guaranteed.