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Family fire disaster: have you chosen the flame retardant fabric

hya hya.net 2018-01-25 13:54:46
Family fire disaster: have you chosen the flame retardant fabric

In the fire and rescue firefighters involved in home fires accounted for a large proportion, so the family fire, also need to pay attention to the indoor decoration should not use flammable materials; proper use of electrical equipment, not connecting the power line, not the overload of electricity, timely replacement of aging equipment and electrical lines, when they go out to turn off the power switch; correct use, always check the gas facilities and equipment, found gas leak, quickly shut the valve, open windows and doors, do not touch the electric switch and the use of fire; the education of children will not play with fire, lighters and matches on the reach of children; don't lie in bed or couch smoking, do not throw cigarette butts.

Once the fire happens, the right way to escape, calm, calm, rapid and correct escape, do not covet the property, not to take the elevator, do not blindly jump; must through the smoke to escape, try to use the clothes soaked to protect the head and body, cover your mouth and nose, bent low posture forward; the body on fire, you can roll over on the ground or covered with thick clothes, put out the flames; fire door cannot escape, can use wet towel, clothes and other blocked door, issued a distress signal to wait for rescue.
In the process of family decoration, fire is not easy to ignore. Prevent in the bud, make home life better. To this end, a small compilation of family clothes to prevent some small skills in fire prevention is summarized, the following is the four major skills in domestic clothing fire protection.

First, the owner needs to establish the awareness of the fire protection, before the decoration, we should think ahead of the fire protection requirements. We have found that many owners don't even know some basic concepts of fire protection. For example, different materials have different fireproof grades, which are divided into nonflammability, combustibility, flammability and flammability. Family decoration should consider the main parts of the fire protection, such as ceiling, wall, ground, fixed furniture, etc. Hope that the owners can have more 'ignorance' idea, that is, ask not know, do not know why the admission, that could not fire, not to pay attention to, this is often careless thinking themselves.

If a good fireproof material is selected, the design and construction of a regular decoration company are not selected and the hidden danger of fire may be buried. First, a formal decoration company should be selected, and a formal contract should be signed to clarify the fireproofing performance, technological requirements, after sale service and liability for breach of contract. Secondly, it is best to choose the home installation supervision company to ensure the quality of the home installation, to achieve the quality acceptance standard, and to ensure the full protection of the rights and interests of the family. Our company has this kind of fireproof fabric for you.

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