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Coir mattress maintenance guide

hya hya.com 2018-12-05 14:58:44

Mattress fabric manufacturer China

Coir mattresses are purchased by many newborn families because of their warm winter and cool summer and the special properties of breathable moisture absorption. So how do you maintain the coir mattress after we buy it back?

1. Coco mattresses will breed a lot of bacterial aphids after a long time of use. First of all, we must start from the growth environment of aphids. Reducing indoor relative humidity and controlling humidity below 50% is one of the most common methods of controlling mites and other allergens.

2. Use a wrap-proof packaging: The mattress and pillow are packaged with a wrapper made of special anti-mite material. This method can reduce the impact of dust mites and allergens on human health. This method is recommended for people with a history of allergies and allergies. When purchasing pillow and mattress packaging materials, the aperture of the fabric is very important. The ideal material should be a comfortable, breathable fabric that is permeable to vapors and prevents the passage of cockroaches and cockroach allergens.

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3. Regularly clean and dry the bedding. For things that are not too big for bedding, such as pillowcases, blankets, mattress covers, quilt covers, etc., there is time to wash once a week with hot water equal to or higher than 55 °C, which can effectively kill mites and remove some allergens. If you don't have enough time, you should wash it once a month. There are also frequent shampoos, and dandruff is also the favorite nutrient for mites and bacteria.

4, It is recommended not to raise dogs, kittens and other pets indoors. They are all creatures with a lot of hair, they carry a lot of dust mites and bacteria, and the small animals have temperature, humidity and food suitable for dust mites to survive. They usually carry them to every corner of the room. , spread everywhere. (Microfiber mattress fabrics  China supplier)

5. Use air cleaner/filter to keep the indoor air fresh. In addition to being stored in mattresses and mattresses, there are also mites in the air, especially dust mites. Allergens are mainly associated with dust particles larger than 20 μm in diameter. Air flow makes it an airborne particle that causes allergies after inhalation. When cleaning or filtering the air, make sure that the indoor air flows and let the dust float, which can clean or filter.