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Classification of mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-07-16 10:11:28

At present, the most popular mattresses on the market are spring mattresses, latex mattresses, foam mattresses and full-brown mattresses. Here is a brief introduction:

1.Spring mattress

The structure of the spring mattress includes a spring, a felt pad, a mat, a foam layer and a bed fabric. In general, spring mattresses are durable and are the first choice for purchase. The quality of the spring system determines the comfort of the mattress.

In the traditional spring system mattress, all the springs are connected in series, and a turning action will move the entire mattress, which is not conducive to continuous sleep at night. The independent pocket spring system can better support the body and the body does not feel uncomfortable due to stress. The five-zone mattress supports five important parts of the body, keeping the spine in a natural state during sleep. The shoulders and buttocks are naturally sunken, the head, waist and legs are supported, and the back and back muscles do not need to work all night to change the unnatural spine state, and naturally sleep well all night. Another advantage of the independent pocket spring system is that it ensures that two people sharing the same bed do not interfere with each other and sleep is not interrupted.

2. Latex mattress

Latex can be produced from both natural and synthetic sources. It has better resilience and does not collapse, making it ideal as a mattress material. It fits the contours of the body and gives each part full support. People who often change their sleeping position during sleep are more suitable for using latex mattresses. The movement of the body is locked on the side of the mattress, no matter how it rolls, it will not affect the person sleeping. The latex mattress can immediately restore the indentation caused by the body weight on the mattress. If the partner's body shape is different, you can choose the latex mattress.

Latex also has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds and dust mites. The open latex has millions of internally connected pores that allow air to circulate freely and keep the mattress dry. Be careful not to expose the mattress in the sun, so as not to affect the service life.

3. Foam mattress

Foam materials include: polyurethane foam, high-elastic foam and advanced memory foam. External materials include: cotton, wool, etc. It fits the curve of the body and provides solid support without losing its softness and elasticity, promoting blood circulation. The ability to cushion the movement of the body, even if a person frequently turns over, will not affect the partner. There was no noise when turning over. If you prefer to read before bedtime or watch TV in bed, you can purchase a slatted bed board with adjustable features. Breathability is general. In hot climates, you should buy mattresses for winter and summer.

4. Full-brown mattress

The all-brown mattress is made entirely of natural materials and is in line with the trend of environmental protection. However, in the production process, latex is needed to stick the raw materials together. Therefore, the environmental protection of the glue is very important. Some have an unpleasant smell that takes a few months to dissipate. The comfort of the all-brown mattress is very good, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. People sleep on it, there is no sound in the roll. The full-brown mattress is prone to collapse and deformation after a long period of use.