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Is your mattress used correctly? The secret that most people do not know!

  • Author:hya
  • Source:hya.com
  • Release on :2018-07-13
Is your mattress used correctly? The secret that most people do not know!

Does the film have to be torn off on the mattress? We may have done something wrong for so many years! 99% of people have paid the pains of the seller ...

Many people think that the newly purchased mattress can keep the mattress the same as the new one without removing the plastic film. In fact, it is very wrong. This not only shortens the life of the mattress, makes the mattress very uncomfortable and, most importantly, it is harmful to human health!

In fact, the film is only an outer package, the role is to protect the mattress from dirt before it is sold or during transport. Just like when we buy other food, food, etc., how can we use it without unpacking? This type of film costs only 10-20 yuan per kilogram. If you really buy it at home, you have to break it down! This plays the original role in health care during use.

Only when the film is torn off will it be breathable, the moisture and heat of your body will be sucked away by the mattress, and the mattress can also release the moisture into the air if you are not asleep.

If you do not tear off the film, the mattress will not breathe and absorb the air, it will sleep for a long time and there will be a wet feeling in the bed. Moreover, because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is more prone to mold, bacteria and mites. Prolonged moisture will also corrode the internal structure of the mattress, and you will reverse if you reverse.