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Classification of knitted fabrics

hya hya.com 2018-12-25 14:13:10

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Knitted fabrics are fabrics formed by bending needles into loops and skeining each other. They are widely used in apparel fabrics and linings, home textile mattresses and other products.
Classified by raw materials:

(1) Cotton Knitted Fabric: The knitted fabric woven with cotton yarn has excellent characteristics such as good moisture permeability, heat resistance, water washing resistance, alkali resistance and good skin feel. Knitted fabrics generally used for outer garments are woven from high-grade cotton yarns with long fibers, and some are also mercerized or anti-shrink and crease-prepared for yarns or fabrics to improve gloss and stiffness. In addition, other fibers can be blended with cotton, such as cotton and linen, acrylic, nylon, polyester and other fibers blended or interwoven has been widely used.

(2) Wool knitted fabric: It is a kind of knitted fabric which is woven with various wool yarns. It has soft and natural luster, soft and elastic, moisture absorption, wrinkle resistance, warmth retention and comfortable and beautiful appearance, but it is easy to worm, in alkali. It is easy to "felt" in the liquid. Wool can also be blended with acrylic or polyester.

(3) Silk Knitted Fabric: It is a kind of knitted fabric with various silk or silk weaving. It has the characteristics of soft texture, good elasticity, smooth hand feeling and bright luster.

(4) Hemp knitted fabrics: mainly used for knitting production are ramie and linen, and the products are hemp knitted fabrics. The hemp knit fabric has the advantages of a cool waterfall, high strength and quick moisture absorption, and is an ideal fabric for summer clothing. Most of the knitting production is woven with a blend of hemp and other fibers. (Knitted tricot mattress fabric manufacturer)

(5) Polyester knitted fabric: knitted fabric made of polyester filament or staple fiber. The strength, elasticity, crease resistance and heat resistance of polyester are good. The marking is carried out for long-term stereotypes, easy to wash faster, and it is called “washable and wearable”. All kinds of polyester filament warp knitted fabrics are made in addition to outerwear or blouses. It is also used to cover furniture such as Simmons mattresses or fabrics for industrial and architectural use. Polyamide and other general synthetic fibers are not suitable for making underwear because of poor moisture absorption, and should usually be blended or interwoven with natural fibers.

(6) Nylon Knitted Fabric: Knitted fabric made of nylon filament or staple fiber. Nylon has good strength and heat preservation, good dyeability and optimum ridiculousness. It can also be used for permanent deformation processing. Elastic nylon yarn is usually woven by circular machine, flat knitting machine or warp knitting machine.

(7) Polypropylene knitted fabric: a knitted fabric woven with polypropylene filament or elastic yarn. In the past, polypropylene was difficult to dye and not absorb moisture, which affected its wide application in the field of clothing. In recent years, it has been modified (using a dye-functional polymer into a fiber-forming polypropylene to change the composition and structure of the polypropylene to impart polypropylene dyeability), and various tissues can be woven on the weft knitting machine. Fabric. In addition, the use of polypropylene fine denier or ultra-fine silk good wicking effect and single-guide wet breathability, can make the sweat and moisture generated by the human body move quickly and evaporate along the fiber from the inside of the fabric to the surface of the fabric, so A microclimate cycle can be formed between the surface of the fabric and the human skin to promote air flow, keep the skin dry and improve the comfort of the garment.

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Classified by purpose
(1) Underwear Knitted Fabric: Underwear Knitted fabrics are soft, hygroscopic, breathable, static-free, and non-irritating. Generally choose pure natural fiber or natural fiber and chemical fiber blended or interwoven to meet the physiological needs of the human body. Such as cotton jersey and flannel, silk jersey, cotton cloth, terry knitted fabrics and so on. Recently, wool knitted underwear has also entered the clothing market and has received attention.

(2) Knitted fabrics for outerwear: Knitted fabrics for outerwear have general requirements for comfort, but pay attention to the appearance style, highlighting the crispness and drape, wear-resisting and not easy to hook up and pilling. The outer garment knitted fabric should have good dimensional stability, so the knitted fabric of the outer garment should be relatively tight and not easily deformed. Such as weft knitting jacquard knitted fabric or composite knitted fabric, warp knitted fabric or lining weft knitted fabric.